Heat Up, Juice Up and Don’t Be in the Dark This Season

Try as we might to get into the woods and disconnect, we’re usually not far from our smart phones.

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There can be, of course, a legitimate need for smartphones in the woods: calling for help, using the GPS or compass, even using the light in a pinch. I’ve used my iPhone flashlight feature more times than I can count in the woods, including on a recent raccoon hunt when my flashlight batteries started dying. Without the phone I’d have not been in trouble but my gettin’ around faculties would have been slowed down considerably.

Having a dead phone stinks, and that’s where the Celestron Elements FireCel comes into play. The FireCel is small, pocket-sized dual-temperature hand warmer, power recharger and flashlight. There’s enough heat from the handwarmer to keep you toasty if you slip it in a muff or pocket.

A 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery gives you a full charge to most smart phones and MP3 players. That’s pretty cool if you’ve been texting photos of your big buck to pals and run out of juice.

FireCel’s flashlight has multiple modes and the 110- and 130-degree temperature settings are just right.

“I can’t think of anything more annoying than having my smartphone run out of juice halfway into a hunt,” said Deer & Deer Hunting Editor Gordy Krahn. “No more checking the weather, reading rut reports or texting all of my hunting buddies. Good news: Not only will the FireCell charge my phone, it also functions as an LED flashlight with five operating modes and, get this, a dual-temperature hand warmer. If you don’t have one of this handy units tucked away in your daypack, you should.”

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