Hot Gear: Big&J Loaded with Healthy Protein for Deer

BIG&J, makers of the world’s most effective long-range attractants and supplements, is the real deal when it comes to pulling in bucks. Instead of focusing on fancy packaging with neon colors and pictures of giant deer, BIG&J supplements rely on quality ingredients and a proprietary refining process that creates a strong aroma that draws deer from the next county. 

Because they’re hunters, the folks at BIG&J care about deer and other game animals. BB2 attractant, for example, is designed to provide the maximum amount of protein with the highest total digestible nutrition level of virtually all premium feeds. Other products might offer nutrition or attraction, but BIG&J does both. 

BIG&J attractants feature a powerful and intense “get noticed” aroma that draws deer from far and wide. With a dramatically stronger scent than corn, in addition to better nutrition and protein, BIG&J is the go-to brand for deer managers and hunters looking to draw in bucks and help them reach their potential. 

BIG&J offers a full line of attractants that draw deer to your property, stand or camera.

The aroma is super strong, and the range is super long! Why pay more for products that do less when you can reap the legit benefits of BIG&J super attractants?

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