Hot Gear: Go Old School with Cool Limited Edition Binoculars

Nikon is pleased to announce a special 100th Anniversary Edition of the esteemed 8×30 EII binocular as part of its celebration of a century of optics-making experience.

This limited edition model offers all of the performance aspects of the Nikon EII together with enhanced features, specifications — and limited production of 400 units worldwide — that will set it apart for collectors and optics aficionados.

Since the original 8×30 E was introduced nearly 40 years ago, the E Series has become one of Nikon’s best and longest selling binoculars. It is recognized as “the standard” amongst Nikon binocular fans. With increased optical quality, wide field of view, enduring reliability and classic Porro prism design, an updated 8×30 EII model was introduced during the late 1990s. It continues today with sustained popularity.

While maintaining the superior optics and magnesium-alloy body design of the current 8×30 EII, the 100th Anniversary Edition model offers the following changes that will be offered exclusively during the 100th anniversary campaign period.

Anniversary Edition Unique Features
— Exclusive metallic grey body color with 100th Anniversary logo imprinted on the objective side.
— 100th Anniversary Model Limited to 400 Produced Worldwide
— Special 100th Anniversary edition neckstrap and case.
— Distinct product package design with 100th anniversary logo sticker affixed.

Suggested retail price is $799.95.

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