Hot Gear: Longer Battery Life, Customization with Plotwatcher Pro

Trail camera scouting does several critical things for hunters. First, it gathers information on the presence and movement of game animals. Second, it gathers that information from multiple locations at the same time. Third, it does so in an unobtrusive way – there’s no human presence most of the time, which reduces the risk that scouting itself will blow a buck or turkey out of the area.

The design team at Day 6GEAR Plotwatcher Pro knows that under real-world conditions, even the smallest failures can ruin the chance at a trophy. For example, until a hunter works with a trail camera system in the real world, it’s easy for him to underestimate just how important the trail camera’s battery life is. Everything a trail camera does depends one the batteries holding up.

That’s why Day 6 designed its Plotwatcher Pro game camera so it has the longest battery life of any trail camera on the market.

Day 6 knows that if a trail camera eats through batteries faster than expected – or in the case or motion-activated cameras, at rates that are just hard to predict – everything a hunter hopes to accomplish with a trail camera system grinds to a halt.

Of course the main problem is that once the batteries die, the trail camera stops taking photos. The hunter loses days or even a couple of weeks of scouting information the first time this happens. But the problem doesn’t end there: The hunter will have to check the cameras more often, which means he increases the chances he will bump the animals he trying to pattern.

With Plotwatcher Pro you don’t have to worry about battery failure. The Plotwatcher Pro lasts up to 4 months on 8 AA batteries – and during that time can record up to a million images.

The combination of long battery life and massive storage capacity gives you greater freedom in timing the dates when you check the camera. And when the time is right for you to pull the storage card, the GameFinder software that comes with the Plotwatcher Pro makes sorting through the images easy and fast.

It allows you to watch 12 hours of photos in video form in about 3 minutes, and allows you to quickly find frames in which movement is recorded. Using new Tru-Video technology, the Plotwatcher Pro saves directly to video – you don’t have to search individual frames one at a time as you do with other time-lapse trail cameras.

Plotwatcher Pro Advantages:
— 20-times more battery life* – even more via an external power adapter
— Tru-Video automatically compiles images in video format, making it much easier, quicker and enjoyable to review your files
— 2.5″ LCD on-board for camera setup, video aiming, and camera status messages
— Start and stop the camera automatically based on the available light or by defining specific start and stop times based on the camera’s clock
— Accepts add-on telephoto and wide-angle lenses, available in the Day 6 Outdoors online store
— Temperature and moon-phase info shown on each image
— Uses SD card strorage** and saves video files in 1/2 of the memory space
—Security cable ready

This season, make your scouting more effective with the best trail camera on the market – the Plotwatcher Pro. To find out more, and to see actual videos of game animals taken by the PlotWatcher Pro, visit