Hot Gear: Make Great Small Plots Faster, Easier

Improving the habitat of your land lends itself to improving the number and quality of your deer in hunting season. Successfully doing so; however, isn’t quite so easy. In fact, planting food plots effectively can be a lot of work.

GEAR  Firminator1Having the right equipment is essential in managing the habitat on your land. In many cases, placing food plots in their correct places would resemble a series of small plots in relatively isolated parts of the property. These locations are usually quiet spots where deer feel safe and undisturbed. Deer look for places that are close to cover and that have a variety of food sources. Small food plots can provide such elements – and improve your hunting opportunities.

In order to create such an environment, small food plots need to be planted in these isolated spots. This would mean you need equipment small enough to get deeper in the woods and tough enough so that once it’s there, it can do the job.

The Firminator by Ranews Outdoor Equipment is that equipment.

GEAR  Firminator2The Firminator was designed knowing that planting a variety of food plots takes well designed, durable equipment built to make installing food plots more effective and efficient. The Firminator combines adjustable ground-turning discs with the precision ACCU-Seed delivery system and a true agricultural-grade cast-iron cultipacker. It is truly an all in one machine.

No matter what product you use to put in your food plots there are two critical components that lead to success: soil-to-seed contact and rain. None of us can control the rain. But, with the agricultural cultipacker you can be assured that seed-to-soil contact is maximized. This results in greater seed germination and fuller food plots, giving the food plot manager greater return on his seed investment.

The ATV Firminator can be pulled by a four wheeler, so that large-scale equipment like tractors are not necessary. You can get the Firminator to its proper place, and once there, it’s maneuverable enough that small plots can be planted quickly and easily with one machine.

The ACCU-Seed system allows you to plant any size seed from clover to corn. Even distribution at the proper density is assured with the easily set system and the charts provided by Ranews Outdoor Equipment with each Firminator.

The discs can also be set to for hard compacted soil or the softest of loamy ground. The Firminator can plant almost any type of seed at the appropriate depth and with good seed-to-soil contact. It’s an easy to use, all-in-one system for economically placing food plots of any size precisely where they will be most beneficial to you and your wildlife.

The Firminator is everything you need for a vast range of food plots, in only one piece of equipment. You do the driving – the Firminator does the work.

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