Hot Gear: Mossy Oak Introduces New Mountain Country

Mossy Oak, the industry leader in camouflage design, is proud to introduce its newest pattern, Mountain Country. This pattern was designed specifically with the hardcore western and open country hunter in mind, featuring realistic natural elements inherent to all Mossy Oak patterns and color tones perfect for the high country.

GEAR Mossy Oak Mountain CountryUtilizing the latest in rapidly evolving image technology to capture some of the most common landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, Mossy Oak Mountain Country is a pattern that is strategic in optical design yet still 100-percent true to nature. Mountain Country combines the unmistakably western blue-green sage, aspen and conifer trees with mountainous rock formations resulting in the most accurate western pattern we’ve ever created.

“At Mossy Oak we maintain that nature is the best designer and that our job is to pay attention rather than try to create a computer generated version of the natural world,” said Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. “We believe camo is best when it has been designed in the wild rather than in a lab, so we’ve spent countless seasons in the field testing different patterns to bring you Mountain Country. We recognize that there is an infinite variety of camo design options but, all things being equal, we just tend to trust nature the most.”

Our extensive field testing methodology has resulted in what we consider to be the best western and open country camo available. When you head to the high country this fall, make sure you’re prepared with all new Mossy Oak Mountain Country.

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