Hot Gear: Protect Your Phone, Docs with Confidence

Getting your phone and maybe some documents or money wet on a hunting or fishing trip really stinks, even if you’re doing everything possible to keep them from getting wet.

The ALPS OutdooZ Transporter keeps your phone and gear dry and secure when you’re rumbling in the woods or on the water.

Weather you’re deer hunting and a big rainstorm blows in or you’re out in snowy conditions, or wade fishing with just a few items, protecting your phone, licenses and such is important. Especially the phone.

Doggone if we don’t want to be disconnected in the woods or on the water whenever possible, but in a pinch — or when you shoot a big buck, or catch a giant fish — it’s good to be able to call for help. Or maybe just send a text of your buck or bass to a buddy.

Here is the latest from ALPS OutdoorZ about a new product designed for phones, and maybe some licenses or whatnot. Pretty cool!

ALPS OutdoorZ has the perfect pack accessory for the outdoorsman who wants to keep all their gear dry yet easy to reach. The Transporter is a small accessory that will have a big impact.

The Transporter–with an IPX7 waterproof rating–is a protective case for carrying cellphones and smartphones in all terrains. It features a universal waterproof and dustproof design that fits most popular phone models that are up to 6.2 inches by 3 inches in size.

“Hunters use their phones as tools-for maps and GPS services, for example-or to simply stay in touch,” said ALPS product manager Zach Scheidegger, “and we need to keep these valuable devices protected from the elements.”

The clear, soft TPU material provides complete waterproof protection, and it also allows for full touch screen functionality. An adjustable SR buckle accommodates a variety of attachment options.

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