Hot Gear: Spying Made Simple with Stealth Cam GX45NG

OK, I just got back from Walmart. Had to load up on a dozen AA batteries to fuel this beast. The good news is that the Stealth Cam GX45NG reportedly gets a full year of use from that power supply, so I shouldn’t have to worry about refueling it anytime soon.

Stealth Cam GX45NG

Stealth Cam GX45NG

For me it’s all about only the features I need and ease of use when it comes to scouting cameras. Frankly, some are loaded with so many bells and whistles it takes a Master’s Degree to figure them out. The operation of the GX45NG (MSRP: $299.99) is very intuitive and the menu is easily navigated. Basically, you simply toggle through the various menu settings and hit “enter.” Couldn’t be easier.

Key features include: 12 megapixel resolution camera with four settings (12MP, 8MP, 4MP and 2MP); High-definition video with audio for 5- to 180-second clips; and a Time Lapse Function with PIR Override.

This time lapse and PIR Override combo is a feature I really like. It allows you to set up the camera to snap images at predetermined intervals over a selected time period and then play them back in fast forward mode on your PC. You’ll be able to view hours of activity in just a few minutes. Perfect for monitoring food plot activity.

OK, here’s a very cool feature. If you spring for the top-end Stealth Cam GXW-Wireless model ($499.99 MSRP), you can download the free Remote (native) app to your smartphone and wirelessly retrieve, sort and share photos from the camera. The app can also be used to adjust camera settings without ever having to visit the camera site. How sweet is that?