Hot Gear: Think Outside the Arrow Storage Box

GEAR  Plano bowhunting arrow box

Archers’ arrows are where you find them: a few in the bow case, six in the quiver, and a dozen more in that cardboard thingy behind the door.  Specialized arrow tubes and plastic arrow cases see their share of action too, but have their limitations.  Most arrow tubes provide great crush resistance, but access is limited to a narrow opening at one end.  Plastic box-type cases provide better access and more efficient storage, but may not be as strong as tubes.

Archers seeking innovative storage and transport solutions for their arrows or crossbow bolts should check out the new Model 112500 Arrow Max Case and Model 112400 Crossbow Max Bolt Case, available now from Plano, the company helping outdoor enthusiasts keep their valuable gear organized and protected for over 60 years.

Plano Model 112500 Arrow Max Case

Plano Model 112500 Arrow Max Case

These lightweight and affordable plastic cases share an all-new innovative design that maximizes access while providing unmatched rigidity and crush resistance.  Each case securely holds six fully-dressed arrows or bolts in rattle-free rubber grips, along with additional accessories like broadheads, field tips, extra fletching, nocks and cement.

Both cases utilize a carefully engineered shape creating a convex profile for superior strength.  An additional reinforcing grid inside the case and all lid sections further stiffens these cases and combats torque.  A unique three-piece vented lid design minimizes weight and provides maximum strength and security when the cases are closed and latched with the durable molded closures. Finally, an integral broadhead wrench is molded into the bottom of each case. Now that’s smart.

Arrow boxes hitch a ride wherever they fit.  Thanks to their low profile, these cases will fit inside many soft or hard bow or crossbow cases, but can also easily be attached to the outsides of duffels, packs, bow cases or ATVs with straps or bungee cords using their clever molded-in lashing slots.

For more information visit Plano’s hunting site.


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