Hot Gear: Tough Crossbow Cases Protect Your Investment

Returning last autumn from a hunt at Wicked Outfitters in southeast Kansas, I put my suitcase on the scale at the airport and then my crossbow case.

Plano Manta

Plano Manta

It’s the Plano Manta case, which is big and solid and protects my bow incredibly well. Like other Plano hardshell cases, it has a PillarLock system for stability and to prevent crushing along with high density foam eggshell padding. The tail expands, too, so you can use the Manta for short- or longer-stock bows.

After a little small talk and requisite checking of my ID — it always pays to be nice to the attendants and TSA folks; they’re just doing a job, and being polite is the right thing to do anyway — the attendant at the counter saw the case and her eyes got big.

“Is that a crossbow?” she asked, and I said yes. “I think those are so cool. I’ve seen them on television and the movies but never have shot one. Were you hunting?”

My goodness! That was quite a refreshing response. I said we’d been hunting about 90 minutes or so south, saw some deer and had a great time. I asked if she wanted or needed to see the bow but she declined. Time didn’t permit, as there were other folks behind me in line. But it was nice to see her interest instead of a sourpuss face or disdain about hunting.

Traveling with bows or firearms isn’t difficult. Regulations are in place to check firearms, of course, and it’s always important to make sure about them before showing up at the airport. Using TSA-approved locks is a good idea, too, of course. You don’t want to risk having your valuables snatched or something coming unlocked, even if your gun or bow case has good locks.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter

Barnett Whitetail Hunter

Barnett Crossbows has three new cases this year with some cool graphics and smart engineering. They all come with the following features:

  • EVA custom fit
  • High Definition Camo
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Ergonomical designed carrying handle
  • Pass thru foot stirrup for easy hanging
  • Padded for safe transport


The Whitetail Hunter has a wicked Euro-style skull and antlers on camo while the Blackspur has a turkey. Both are in high def graphics and really pop. The Trubark Compact is all camo, so if you wanted to carry it in the woods don’t forget where you put it!

Because the pass through foot stirrup design allows the crossbow’s foot stirrup to stick out, I don’t know if I’d fly with this. The stirrup could get hung on another bag or luggage carousel. But for transport via vehicle and in camp, these cases definitely will protect your bow from dings and crashes. Plus, they’re awesome looking and will make your friends say, “Whoa! Cool!”


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