How Does Heat, Cold Affect Crossbows?

By Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor

This question came in today from delkins: How much does cold or heat affect the
efficiency of a crossbow?

contributor Al Raychard was kind enough to supply his expert response:

“Under “normal” hunting conditions, that is hunting for a morning, afternoon, full
day or several days in 80 to minus 20 degrees will have no effect on today’s crossbows.
I just spoke to my friends at Wicked
Ridge Crossbows,
and one of the owners hunted in Alaska last fall at minus 40
degrees, and his bow performed as it should. I’ve hunted with them down to zero with
no problems. I also contacted a friend of mine in Georgia. He left his cocked bow
on the back porch all day in direct sunlight when it was 100 degrees, shot it and
it was right on the money. If your bow is properly maintained and lubed heat or cold
should have little if any effect on efficiency.”

The August issue of Deer & Deer Hunting will
feature Al’s latest feature story on this same subject: “10 Things You Need to Know
About Crossbows.”