How to Bargain Hunt Online Like a Pro

When you try finding discount hunting gear online, consider this tip from The Bargain Blogger.

Most online retailers have a few select items they place upfront on the home page of a site. But if you want the best deals, you have to dig like a box at a garage sale.

The first instinct may be to find the "Closeout" or "Specials" areas, like this one at

You’ll find deals in those areas, but some websites don’t update them with the latest bargains. Unfortunately, that’s also where their cheap hunting gear goes to pasture – and not in a good way.

Get the deer hunting book Strategic Whitetail Hunting for 70% offTo get to those high quality, low price gems, you’ve got to sort items by price within a given category. Again, is a good example of this. On this page, I set it up so you’ll see deer hunting media sorted by price, starting with the lowest. The higher the price, the better the discount (25% off means more at $100 than $10).

If I know roughly how much I can spend online (that’s up to Mrs. Bargain Blogger), I go to the page with the price that reflects that.

Using this system, I found a book called, "Strategic Whitetail Hunting," for 70% off.

Yep. 70%.

That, friends, is how to shop online like a pro.

Relish in my find by clicking here to pick up "Strategic Whitetail Hunting" for $6.