Hunt Safer, Easier from Your Favorite Lock-On Deer Stands

Preseason scouting and stand placement are as essential to the success of whitetail bowhunting as scent control, calling, and shot placement. You don’t want to ruin a well thought out plan by rushing into the woods – spreading scent, making noise, and leaving your human footprint only days before the season. When time is of the essence, your preseason scouting and stand placement is now a lot simpler, quicker, and quieter thanks to Tree Stand Buddy.

Thanks to the unique design, you can attach the Tree Stand Buddy to your favorite tree and then easily attach or remove a lock-on stand when you're ready to hunt or move.

Thanks to the unique design, you can attach the Tree Stand Buddy to your favorite tree and then easily attach or remove a lock-on stand when you’re ready to hunt or move.

In just 4 simple steps you can have your stand installed and ready to use. Simply attach your safety harness or climbing belt, climb the tree, and attach the Tree Stand Buddy Receiver via ratchet straps. Thanks to the innovative new mounting system from Tree Stand Buddy, you no longer have to carry lock-on stands up or down the tree. Here’s a quick look at the process from start to finish.

4 Simple Steps:
— Attach the Tree Stand Buddy stand bracket to your single or double-post lock-on tree stand.

— Wearing the appropriate safety harness and climbing gear, attach the tree bracket to the tree with TSB Ultimate Ratchet Straps that are included with the TSB Starter Kit. Then thread a rope through the V-shape loop on the tree bracket.

— While on the ground, attach the rope to your stand, hoist the stand to the desired height, and tie off the hoisting rope at ground level. As a result, the stand will be securely positioned as the hunter climbs safely back up the tree.

— Once the hunter reaches the stand, simply slide the stand bracket onto the receiver on the tree. It is now safer and easier to attach the tree stand manufacturer’s straps or chain to secure the stand to the tree.

Here’s how easy it is to install:

Perhaps best of all, you can purchase extra receivers for all your spots. The extra receivers fit easily into a pack, and because Tree Stand Buddy assures the same set up each and every time you install your deer stand, you can walk the woods and prepare your deer stand sites with receivers. No more hiking back and forth to the truck toting multiple stands into your hunting territory.

Plus, for those who chase your whitetail dreams on public ground, Tree Stand Buddy helps prevent theft and keeps unethical hunters from posting up in your deer stands. The quick-attach slide-mount system allows you to take your deer stand down after each and every hunt. The no-squeak stand-to-receiver connection keeps the process ultra-stealthy and takes only seconds to complete. All that’s left to do now is remove the lower portion of your climbing aids and walk away.

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