If Scent Killer Gold Works on These Dogs, Well …

I ran across this photo I’d taken back in summer when it felt like a sauna here in the Southeast and I was doing some midday jogging four or five days a week.

Stinky ShoesThese poor shoes … man, you couldn’t believe how downright funky they got after a few weeks of road work. My “jogging” consists of two to three miles of fast walking as a warmup and then some light jogging. Hey, anything to try to get off the couch and get moving, right?

After a few weeks I think my Asics could have walked along with me by themselves. They smelled pretty fruity. So, I threw ’em in the washing machine (which the shoe companies don’t recommend doing) and then put them outside to air dry in the sun. They still smelled pretty rank.

Figuring it couldn’t hurt, I took this bottle of Scent Killer Gold and doused the inside and out pretty thoroughly. Wildlife Research Center had its effectiveness tested at Rutgers University against replicated human odor. The results were that after 10 days of drying it still proved to be 99 percent effective.

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Will a body spray or gel or wash of any kind get rid of and totally eliminate all your body odor? No, it won’t. We can wash, spray, lather up, wipe down and spray again, and we still will emit odors. Bacteria mixed with moisture (sweat) also can create odors. But that doesn’t mean we don’t do everything we can to cleanse our bodies and clothing, along with being smart in the woods.

I think my ol’ shoes were funkified because they still had a little twinge of “Oh my!” inside, but the outer mesh didn’t stink anymore after I sprayed with Scent Killer Gold and let them dry in the sun. That was good enough for me. I use them on my boots, inside and out, and clothing. When I hit the woods now during deer season I have a bottle in my vehicle to spray before heading to the stand.

— Alan Clemons, Southern Managing Editor