If You Don’t Think This Works, Check Out the Results

Ross Crane buck Smokeys

If you’re skeptical about using lures for mock scrapes, drag lines or with scent bombs, check out these results from a diehard hunter.

ARA Staffer Ross Crane took this buck on his club lease in Sandersville, Ga. He used a combination of  Smokey’s Deer Lures Doe in Heat Lure and Rut-N-Buck Lure.

Smokey’s lures are obtained from glands from bucks and does, bottled in glass so they don’t lose potency and are effective. For example, the Pre-Orbital gland lure is great for use with mock scrapes and the licking branch over them. Research proves that the licking branch is the No. 1 key to success when hunting a mock scrape.

The key to that licking branch is preorbital scent. Bucks secrete this scent as a means of distinctly identifying themselves from the “competition.” In layman’s terms, it allows deer to understand their rank in the pecking order.

Learn more about Smokey’s Pre-Orbital gland lure here and get yours so you’ll be ready when the season rolls around.

One thought on “If You Don’t Think This Works, Check Out the Results

  1. clint

    I used Smokey’s Pre-orbital this year and definitely had action on those mock scrapes. I’ll be using it again this year.

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