ATA 2016: Impale Scales Easier with Muzzy’s Bowfishing Kit

Bowfishing continues to grow in popularity and that’s not just a catchy phrase to be tossing around. More tournaments are being held each year, bowfishermen are spending more money for travel and gear, and the sport that dates more than half a century — Fred Bear was bowfishing back in the day, among others — still is a grassroots, slimy, laughing, have a good time sport.

It’s not difficult to get started, either. Although boats with lights are fun, you can wade backwaters or walk around ponds (with permission, of course, or where legal) and wade smaller creeks or rivers. Check out this press release from Muzzy about how to easily get started with its new kit:

Muzzy’s Addict Bowfishing Kit contains everything needed to begin the sport of bowfishing—everything except the fish.

Muzzy Addict Bowfishing Kit

Muzzy Addict Bowfishing Kit

The Muzzy Addict Bowfishing Kit features a new 58-inch-long recurve bow with a 40-pound draw weight at 28 inches. The bow is a three-piece takedown design that is drilled and tapped for normal accessories and comes ready to shoot.

The bow’s riser is magnesium for strength and vibration reduction, and its limbs are constructed of laminated maple and fiberglass for great performance.

The Addict Bowfishing Kit also includes Muzzy’s new XD Pro Reel. Pre-spooled with 150-pound Spectra line, this new stainless steel reel features a unique finger-activated lever switch that clearly indicates an open bail or locked bail.

The switch eliminates the guesswork of the old-style press switch, simply flip the switch to the open position to shoot, and flip it back after the shot to retrieve the line. The XD Pro Reel attaches to the riser by way of an integrated stainless steel mounting that reduces weight and allows for easy, single-bolt mounting.

The Addict Bowfishing Kit also includes the new Muzzy Fish Bone arrow, a 32-inch custom-infused coated fiberglass arrow with special wear-resistant graphics, and the Muzzy quick-release carp point.

A Muzzy Fish Hook rest and a pair of neon green finger guards complete the package, providing both entry-level and seasoned shooters with an affordable and compact setup. Retailing at $249.99, the new Muzzy Addict Bowfishing Kit has everything you need to start bowfishing and will be available at retailers nationwide this spring.

The Muzzy Addict Bow will also be available as a separate item for a suggested retail price of $169.99.


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