Jake Reviews Nikon’s Monarch 3 Binos

Jacob EdsonEarlier this fall, my friend C.J. Davis with Nikon offered me the the chance to be one of the first to test Nikon’s Monarch 3 binoculars in the field. He promised they would blow me away with their incredible durability and the famous Monarch pedigree.

Since then, I’ve had the chance to tote these optics through four states, through wind, rain, hail and snow. I even tested them with an accidental 15-foot drop from my Minnesota tree stand (Sorry C.J. I promise you won’t be able to tell when you get them back in January.), but the durable design perfected in Nikon’s ATB line held up without so much as a scratch or chip.

The lenses in these binoculars are made from high-quality glass that is fully multi-coated to provide optimal light transmission, which means the image produced is as bright as possible.  A high-reflectivity silver alloy prism keeps this bright image from distorting under magnification.

As I so aptly tested, the housing of the Monarch 3 is supremely stout. It is made with a tough polycarbonate body and has an ergonomic design promoting comfort and durability. The waterproof seals and nitrogen purge never faltered through a season’s worth of beating and 11 straight hours of soaking northern Missouri rain and hail.

I tested the 10×42 model, but an 8×42 option is also available. Nikon Monarch 3

My assessment is that C.J. and Nikon are right on: The Monarch 3s do their Monarch bloodlines proud. They are tough and do great under the most important low-light conditions we face. These are high quality optics at a price a deer hunter can afford.