Jake Reviews The H.A.W.

Jake Reviews Under Armour The H.A.W. boots Under Armour HAW bootsUnder Armour made one of the largest splashes at this year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas when the company unveiled a line of outdoor footwear for 2011. The technologically advanced products are the company’s first offerings in the hunting boot category and will include twelve initial styles. 

The first model to catch my at eye at SHOT was The H.A.W. There are several companies offering boots with a neoprene upper fused to a rubber lower, and this style has quickly become my favorite all-around hunting boots. So, when I saw Under Armour was promising a lighter and more durable version, I quickly got my name on the list to try a pair. My H.A.W.s in Mossy Oak Bottomland arrived last week, just in time for my final week of turkey hunting.

Here are my impressions from two days of getting thoroughly whipped by Wisconsin gobblers:
Under Armour The H.A.W. boots
Overall, they are exactly what I expected — some of the best full-length neoprene-and-rubber boots I have ever used. The most striking advantage is the lightweight, a feature promised across Under Armour’s new line. The weight saving is achieved with Ortholite foam and a lightweight compression molded EVA midsole. The internal Heel Lock memory foam provided a nice, snug fit. It’s hard to describe, but these boots feel different on your foot than other brands. I like it. Also, the Air-Mesh lining performed as promised, increasing airflow. After two days of hard hunting, no noticeable wear could be found on neoprene upper or durable rubber lower. As for the promised anti-microbial properties, there’s no stink yet. We’ll see if the trend continues through September’s early bow season.
Overall, these are exactly what I expected when I saw Under Armour was introducing them: High quality and great functionality. And, the price (MSRP $130) is not over the top.

For more information about Under Amour visit www.underarmour.com.

10 thoughts on “Jake Reviews The H.A.W.

  1. Hunter

    I am interested in these boots. When I first seen that Under Armour was coming out with boots I thought, I have to try them. I am a Deer Hunting freak. I deer hunt alot, and I was wondering how warm they were exactly. I hunt mainly in central Missouri but sometimes Northern Missouri. If I had a nice warm pair of wool socks would they keep my feet warm in the middle of November while deer hunting?

  2. Stuart Wiggins

    I’m having difficulty finding these int he retail stores to see what size I need. I have found contradicting reviews on the sizing of these boots so now I’m totally confused as to what size to order. I typically wear an 11.5. Since they don’t have half sizes I have no idea what size to order. Any thoughts? SW

  3. Devin

    I am looking for a boot that I could wear in the late fall as well as during gun hunting in Wisconsin. Temps can get close to zero so I need a boot that will keep my feet warm. I saw these boots and loved them right away. Will they keep my feet warm, or do I need to look at a different boot that has a thinsulate rating?

  4. John

    Jake, great info on the H.A.W., could you let me know how they run in size? I order all my gear online so it would be very helpful to me. Also I do alot of walking and a good fit is necessary! Thanks very much, John.

  5. Daniel E. Schmidt

    Hi Dale,

    Jake’s out of the office today. Yes, you are correct. UA is unveiling a complete line of hunting boots. I’ve seen some of the models, including the HAW, and they are flat-out impressive. The line includes 7 different boots for hunting, and all feature high-tech features. I am currently testing a pair of the Speed Freek hiking-style boots (used them for turkey hunting last week) and most say they are pretty incredible. Full review will be posted here later this week. UA will be getting these in stores within a few weeks.

  6. Dale Mannasmith

    I can’t remember where I read this but I had heard that UA was going to come out with a full line of hunting boots. Did you happen to see any other designs that would be coming out here in 2011? Also, you wouldnt happen to have any inside info on when these bad boys will hit the market?

  7. Jake Edson

    That’s the beauty of neoprene boots. The neoprene is an insulator. I think these would perform well to a point, like all neoprene boots. I usually switch to Primaloft or Thinsulate insulated boots about the end of October here in Wisconsin.

  8. Mark Kenyon

    Great review Jake….but Im curious how these boots will perform in the cold. Are they insulated? Or is there a different rubbber boot that is insulated?

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