Judge Distance and then Get the Accurate Number With Your Rangefinder

If you’re not practicing judging distances without a rangefinder then you might get caught in a lurch this season if you forget yours or the battery dies.

Both of those things have happened to me before and it stinks. I love today’s technology because it does, in many ways, make our lives easier, faster and better. And on the other hand, too much reliance on an electronic gizmo without knowing how to do a task yourself — like accurately gauging 20 yards, 30 yards or farther — isn’t a good thing.

You can practice judging distances in your yard by marking specific items at 5, 10, 15, 20 yards or more. How far is the flower pot or chair under the tree? That old stump you’ve been meaning to dig up is 28 yards from the porch? Thirty-three yards? More? Less? You can hone your judging skills at home and in the neighborhood pretty easily.

But don’t overlook the very cool and helpful technology we have with rangefinders. Be sure to put in a new battery, make sure everything works and enjoy the pinpoint accuracy for your bow or gun shots this season. Check out this press release from Halo Optics about their cool rangefinders:

Halo Rangefinder

No matter how many years you hunt, your heart rate still picks up at the sight of antlers. While that thrill is what all hunters live for, and it can also be our biggest source of frustration. It’s amazing how our brains and motor skills go a little haywire at the sight of a big rack. The last thing you need in that situation is a rangefinder with a cluttered display full of multiple sets of numbers that add to the confusion.

Halo XRAY™ rangefinders provide a clear, simple-to-read display that removes all doubt about shot distance. The yardage you see is what you need to aim for – holding steady is up to you.


Both the XRAY™ Z9X and Z6X have all the features hunters look for in a quality rangefinder without any of the confusion. AI Technology™ accounts for slope to target, removing guesswork about how gravity will affect steep-angle shots.

Scan mode allows constant ranging, a helpful feature when your trophy is on the move, and 6x magnification aids in picking out details about the target.

XRAY™ rangefinders are accurate to +/- 1 yard, and the water-resistant body is built to withstand the toughest hunting conditions.

The Z6X ranges to 600 and is perfect for almost every hunting situation in the Eastern U.S, while the Z9X ranges to 900 yards is great for Western hunts or those who enjoy long-distance shooting.

Both are covered by a one-year warranty and come with a carrying case.

XRAY™ Z9X Features:

* Maximum of 900 yards to reflective target.
* AI Technology™ accounts for slope to the target.
* 6x Magnification.
* Scan Mode allows for constant ranging.
* Precise to +/- 1 yard.
* Water resistant.
* 1 year warranty.
* Uses 1 CR2 Lithium Ion battery (included).
* Carrying case (included).

XRAY™ Z6X Features:
* Maximum of 600 yards to reflective target.
* AI Technology™ accounts for slope to the target.
* 6x Magnification.
* Scan Mode allows for constant ranging.
* Precise to +/- 1 yard.
* Water Resistant.
* 1 year warranty
* Uses 1 CR2 Lithium Ion battery (not included)
* Carrying case (included)

For more information on the XRAY™ Z9X and Z6X or the entire line of Halo’s quality rangefinders, please visit: www.halooptics.com.

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