Lethal Attraction Scents — In a Spray Can

Getting by a whitetail’s incredible nose is serious business, and doing it right — in addition to playing the wind — requires a one, two, three punch of scent elimination, cover scent and attractant scents. And this isn’t just for bowhunters. Too many gun hunters think that if they play the wind right that buck they’re after will be dead before he gets downwind, so scent control really doesn’t matter. But think about all of those other noses — those deer you aren’t going to shoot. If does and smaller bucks get wind of you, every deer in the area is going to know about it. Game over.


Lethal Attraction — In a Spray CanLethal Attraction — In a Spray Can

OK, so you’ve done everything you can to be as scent free as possible and are using cover scent to mask any faint traces of your presence. So, how are you going to get that buck’s attention? By delivering the knockout punch — attractant scents. These are a hunter’s go-to tool for stopping a buck in his tracks and offering a shot opportunity, and Wildlife Research Center has developed a complete line of scent products for luring bucks sure-kill close and positioning them for the shot. And now, after years of development, it is offering two of its perennial favorites — Golden Estrus Extra Premium Doe Urine with Estrus Secretions and Golden Doe Extra Premium Doe Urine, both super charged with Scent Reflex Technology — in high-performance pressurized sprays for easier-than-ever application in the field. Scent Reflex Technology is a cutting-edge proprietary development by Wildlife Research Center. It takes the performance of its synthetic attractor scent products to an even higher level for a better response.

The 3-ounce pressurized cans come standard with a High-Output sprayer. Not only will it spray upside down, it is found to have up to a 25 percent higher output. The Bag on Valve system separates the scent from the pressurized air used to propel it out of the can, so only high-quality, propellant-free scent is dispersed.


The bottom line is that’s it’s important to play the wind, whether you’re hunting with a bow or rifle. But by taking a one, two, three punch approach to scent control and usage, the odds are better that you’ll get by a deer’s defenses, and enable you to go on offense with the use of attractant lures.

MSRP for a 3-ounce can of Golden Estrus or Golden Doe super-charged spray is $15.99, and comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee direct from Wildlife Research Center. For more information on its entire line of scent elimination products and hunting lures, visit www.Wildlife.com


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