Lifelike Turkey Decoys Make Gobblers Take Second Look

The first time I saw an Avian-X turkey decoy was in spring 2012 on a hunt down in south Alabama and I was flat-out gobsmacked at how good the hen looked in the field.

We were doing a turkey bowhunt with Nu-Fletch and Avian-X contributed some decoys. Holy smokes, did those hens look realistic. I was in a ground blind on one field, had the hen decoy out in the field and, honestly, woke up from a mid-morning snooze thinking a turkey was standing there.

I was convinced and bought a second one when I got home. They’re super. Take a look at this press release below about three Avian-X LCD models you may want to incorporate into your spring turkey hunting.

Avian-X LCD Breeder

Avian-X LCD Breeder

Avian-X LCD (Lifelike Collapsible Decoys) turkey decoys are so realistic and life-like they are sure fool turkeys like no other decoys on the market. Hunters will feel nothing but confidence hitting the woods with the realistic appearance of the Avian-X LCD line.

Avian-X changed the game for turkey hunters across the country with the LCD series. The contoured look, feather detailing, perfect colorations and irresistible body postures are matched only by nature’s real thing. The new Avian-X LCD decoys are designed to mimic the anatomy and true-to-life detail of wild turkeys. These decoys incorporate the posture, attitude and expression a real bird possesses when communicating with other wild turkeys. An amazing eye for detail, combined with exhaustive research of turkey behavior to reproduce attractive body language, results in turkey decoys that are sure to fool even the most wary tom.

AvianX LCD Lookout

Avian-X LCD Lookout hen turkey decoy

Three new unrivaled body poses of Avian-X LCD decoys tell the whole story. Every decoy is made with a tactical hunting purpose. The intention is to get the absolute best, most realistic and functional turkey decoys ever available to bring gobblers into range of your gun or bow.

The LCD Lookout: The head-high, upright position of the “Lookout” decoy shows dominance. This decoy has a high exposed rump and dropped wings, expressing the hen is relaxed but ready to fight for her gobbler. This is an excellent choice when hunting big early spring flocks or when dominant male turkeys are henned-up. This decoy drives dominant hens crazy.

Avian-X LCD Feeder

Avian-X LCD Feeder

The LCD Feeder: The head-low “Feeder” is in a relaxed position. Often, from mid- to late-season, you’ll see a lone hen feeding in a field or open hardwoods. A strutter will be 5 to 10 yards behind her, waiting for his courtship chance. The Feeder LCD hen is also effective when paired with the LCD Jake or Strutter in tow.

The LCD Breeder: The “Breeder” hen has a lowered head and forward stretching body position, with a high exposed rump and dropped wings. This tells incoming gobblers the highly realistic decoy is receptive to breeding. The decoy is effective when staked alone, but as with the Feeder, the odds of pulling a gobbler in are greatly increased when the Breeder is placed within a few feet of the Avian-X LCD Jake or Strutter.

The Avian-X team has spent countless hours studying live birds to create the most effective decoys ever made. These LCD decoys, with No-Flake painted perfection, are completely collapsible. An advanced Dura-Rubber material makes them easy to pack into the turkey woods. Each decoy comes with a carry bag and folding motion stake. This feature creates life-like motion in the slightest breeze.

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