Live from SHOT 2014: New Optics

Need a new rifle scope, new binoculars, or a new rangefinder? New optics were on display at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Here are just a few.

Bushnell Elite Long Range Hunting Scope LRHS 3-12x44mmBushnell Elite Long Range Hunting Scope

Bushnell’s seeing growth in the long range market and responds with the Elite Long Range Hunting Scope, available in 3-12x44mm.

With the first focal plane reticle, you’ll be able to range targets at any magnification of the scope with the G2H mil-based reticle. Dial it in, get comfortable with it and then you’ll be ready for long distance hunting or range shooting.

Bushnell Elite Tactical 1 Mile LRFCombine the scope with the new Elite Tactical 1-Mile ARC laser rangefinder (above) for a 1-2 punch in the field. It has a 7x magnification and ranging is capable to 1 mile with 1-yard accuracy. Whether you’re looking at a buck at 48 yards or 480 yards in a giant bean field, you’ll be confident you’ll have the right yardage before deciding to shoot, rattle, grunt or wait.

Bushnell Excursion BinocularsBushnell Excursion HD Binoculars and Rangefinders

The new Bushnell Excursion HD Binoculars line provides affordable features in two sizes that can cover just about any hunting situation and weather condition.

The Excursion HD comes in 8×42 and 10×42 sizes featuring HD performance with roof prism design. They’re rough and tough, handling rain, ice, snow and heat with flawless performance that will last for years.

Also new are three laser rangefinders: a 6×21 mm G Force DX 1300 ARC in black or Realtree camo, and a 4x20mm The Truth with ClearShot rangefinder designed for bowhunting. Lightweight and reliable, they provide clear and precise distance measurements so you’ll know exactly where that big buck is standing before you take the shot.

Nikon Monarch 5Nikon Monarch Binoculars, Aculon Rangefinders

Fans of the long-admired and popular Nikon Monarch 5 binocular lineup have three new options this year: 8x56mm, 16x56mm and 20x56mm.

Need more light, clarity and power at distance? Those three will fit the bill nicely for any situation. They feature Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass and are designed with a lightweight body formed from a polycarbonate resin that’s reinforced with fiberglass. That tough body’s covered with a coat of rubber that provides weather resistance, good grip and durability.

After spying your target with the Monarchs, check the distance with Nikon’s new Aculon Rangefinder. It’s compact yet offers a 6x magnification and provides accurate measurements from 6 yards out to 550 yards. If you’re a bowhunter, look at the new Archer’s Choice rangefinder with angle compensation technology.

Redfield Battlezone Tac22Redfield Battlezone Rifle Scopes

From small game, targets and predators to big game and long range, Redfield‘s two new Battlezone scopes cover the bases.

The Battlezone Tac.22 is available in 2-7x34mm for use with .22LR cartridges and are calibrated for .22 LR 36-grain ammo moving at 1,260 fps.

The new Battlezone 6-18×44 has fully multi-coated lenses, Bullet Drop Compensation and adjustment dials for .223 Rem/5.56mm NATO (55-grain bullets at 3,100 fps) and .308 Win./7.62mm NATA (168-grain at 2,650 fps). With either, you’ll be ready for predators or whitetails.

Redfield’s affordable Renegade binocular lineup grows this year with 8x36mm and 10x36mm, both featuring fully multi-coated lenses and BAK4 prisms.

MeoStar R2 RiflescopeMeopta MeoStar Rifle Scopes

Meopta’s MeoStar lineup grows with the R2 rifle scope available in 1-6x42mm RD, available with a 6x zoom and illuminated reticle. You can choose between K-Dot 2 or 4C-RD for hunting situations to get on target quickly and reliably.

Zeiss Terra RiflescopeZeiss Terra Rifle Scopes, Conquest Scopes and Binoculars

Four new additions grace the Zeiss Terra 3X lineup of rifle scopes: 3-9x50mm Z-Plex, 3-9×50 RZ6, 4-12×50 RZ8 and 4-12×50 Z-Plex. The lightweight scopes feature a 1-inch tube and anti-reflection coatings to help increase clarity and light transmission.

Joining the popular Conquest series is the HD5 3-15x50mm scope for low-light conditions, with a large objective and four reticle options. The Conquest HD binocular line adds three models with 56mm objectives: 15×56, 10×56 and 15×56. If you hunt open country, big ag fields or in the mountains, these may be for you.

Swarovski Binocular SLC 10x42 WBSwarovski SLC 10×42, CL 10×25 Binoculars

Long known for its premium optical quality, Swarovski adds two new binoculars this year that deer hunters across the country can use throughout the season.

The SLC 10×42 is a popular size for hunters in woods or open fields, with top performance in low light situations. With a slim, ergonomic design, the 10×42 shines in any situation. For longer range hunting, such as over bean fields in the Midwest or Southeast or out West for elk, muleys or whitetails, the SLC 15×56 offers more power and optical distance.

Need a pocket-sized binocular for closer quarters, or turkey hunting? Swarovski’s CL Pocket 10×25 packs the features of its quality optical glass in a downsized, lightweight binocular.

Hawke Crossbow Scope XB30 SRHawke Endurance Rifle Scopes, Crossbow Scope

Hawke’s performance optics, which are priced right, hit the mark this year with the Endurance Sport HD IR and 30 IR SF rifle scopes designed for big game and rimfire hunters.

The Endurance 30 IR is outfitted with an LR Dot reticle highlighted with a red IR that can be adjusted easily with a stepless side rheostat dial. Instead of “clicks” on the dial, you can set it the way you want for whatever light conditions. Fully multi-coated optics offer great clarity throughout the day. It’s built on a 30mm mono-tube chassis and nitrogen-purged, so you’ll be ready from opening day in the heat through late winter. Available in 1-4×24, 1.5-6×44 and 2.5-10×50 in different reticle configurations.

The Endurance IR adds to the family with a .223/308 Marksman 9X reticle designed specifically for those caliber trajectories. It’s packed with the same features as the other Hawke Endurance scopes and available in 2-7×32, 3-9×40 and 4-12×42 models.

Hawke also dips into the crossbow market with its XB30 Pro SR, which also features the Red IR capabilities and stepless side rheostat. The 30mm design works for crossbows with speeds from 215 to 450 feet per second. You can calibrate the scope to the speed of your crossbow, and then be ready for anything that steps out.

The 2013 Hawke models are available for a special price in our store now.

Burris Scopes

Seven models are available in the Burris XTR II lineup this year, covering close to long range shooting opportunities.

You’ll find 1-5x24mm, 1.5-8×28, 2-10×42, 3-15×50, 4-20×50, 5-25×50 and 8-40×50 options featuring 5x zoom capabilities, zero click adjustment knobs and front, dual or rear focal plane designs. Plenty of options for just about any situation or whatever scope design you prefer.

For varmint hunters and predator management for deer, the Veracity lineup has four models: 2-10×42, 3-15×50, 4-20×50 and 5-25×50, all of which have 5x zoom and front focal plane reticles.

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