Take the Lone Wolf Challenge

Edwards, IL — Ever confident in the quality and credibility of its products and reputation, Lone Wolf Portable Treestands is now offering participating dealers the opportunity to let customers take the LONE WOLF CHALLENGE, and "try before they buy." Available demo units will include the Alpha Hang On, Assault Hang-On, Elite Hang-On, Alpha Ladder Stand, Assassin Combo, Alpha Sit & Climb, Alpha Hand Climber, and 3-piece Climbing Sticks.

"We’ve always felt that if people had the chance to try our stands and accessories, they’d notice the huge advantages over other products on the market," said Jared Schlipf, President and Co-owner of Lone Wolf Portable Treestands. "Once they use a Lone Wolf, it’s easy to see they’re worth every penny." 

For dealers, Schlipf is confident the LONE WOLF CHALLENGE is going to bring customers through the door. "When customers spend the money on a Lone Wolf they’re investing in safety, convenience and comfort. We’re confident in our products, and this challenge will give customers added confidence in the investment they make in a Lone Wolf. It’s a win-win situation for everyone; the customer, the dealer and Lone Wolf."

Through participating dealers, customers will be allowed 1 product for demo use for a 2-day period. The customer will not be charged for the product, unless he/she fails to return the product to the dealer. The customer’s credit card must be on file with the dealer and a Customer Demo Agreement form must be read, understood and signed. Customers must also agree to wear a TMA certified Fall Arrest System at all times while using the Lone Wolf product. Interested customers are encouraged to visit Lone Wolf for complete details and a list of participating dealers.

Dealers interested in participating in the LONE WOLF CHALLENGE should contact Lone Wolf Portable Treestands.directly (309-691-9653) for complete details and qualifications.

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