Make the Most of Your Range Time, Hunting Days

Several years ago while shooting prairie dogs in Wyoming, one of my buddies pulled out an anemometer to check the wind speed and other weather factors.

Celestron Windguide Anenometer

Celestron Windguide Anenometer

I had seen these before but never in person, and it was pretty doggone cool. He had been in the Marine Corps and was quite proficient with a rifle. I enjoy shooting and am not too bad, but darn sure am nothing compared to him. In just a few hours at the table with our rifles and his knowledge, along with the hand-held anemometer, it was quite interesting to learn about wind speeds, direction, bullet drift and such.

Now you can do the same with your range time, and also check weather factors in the woods to maximize your hunting trips. The Celestron WindGuide Plus Anemometer makes certain you’re dead on, no matter how gusty the conditions. The precision instrument delivers accurate wind readings up to 67 mph in real time, allowing you to accurately calculate where to place a shot. And it measures a number of other environmental factors including temperature, elevation, barometric pressure and more.

This raw data helps while dialing in a scope and judging the proper shot placement while hunting. The data is also key in helping to deduce exactly where deer might be as the present conditions dictate.

The field-tested WindGuide Plus Anemometer is constructed of a shock- and weather-resistant polymer, making it ideal for hunting in even the most rugged environments. The unit features a backlit display screen, so shooting data is available in dim or dark conditions. And it has a long battery life, ensuring it’s ready to roll any time it’s called into action. Make certain every shot counts this hunting season with the Celestron WindGuide Plus Anemometer.