Mathews Pure Heat

Officially licensed Mathews® product! Wrapped in Lost Camo™ on our Real Scent exclusive, 4 oz aluminum pump spray bottle.

Mathews® Pure Heat is simply the freshest, peak Estrus, Whitetail Doe urine on the market! It is collected fresh each season from our own herd, filtered, bottled, and refrigerated immediately to preserve Pheromones. Upon arrival, we recommend keeping it refrigerated until use, and thereafter.

Mathews® Pure Heat is packaged in an attractive, 4 ounce Aluminum pump spray bottle helping to ensure the freshness of the product and enabling you to get the most benefit from your investment. Available starting Oct. 22, 2009!

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Decoy Packs

Real Scent is once again bringing innovation to the scent industry with our new Decoy Packs. They offer everything you need to enhance your Decoy with the proper scent.

This kit includes our exclusive 2 oz Buck Decoy Scent, 2 felt lined canisters which have Velcro backs for easy on and off use with your Decoy, and a 14" Velcro strap. No more spraying your Decoy with scent, making it awkward to carry and store.

Simply wrap the supplied 14" Velcro strap around your Decoy’s leg and attach a canister. When you are finished, remove the canister and your Decoy is scent free. Leave the Velcro strap on your Decoy for future use.

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