Mathews Unveils New ArrowWeb CT Series Quivers for 2014

Mathews has unveiled a new quiver, which is designed to accent its new bows and their risers but would also look great on previous models. It will be available at retailers nationwide in early 2014.

The new ArrowWeb CT quiver is Mathews’ lightest, most compact quiver to date, and we will add the new hood that matches the newer Mathews bows’ risers looks pretty darn cool and features 10 color options to match your bow’s accessories.

Mathews 2014 ArrowWeb CT Series Quiver

According to Mathews …

The new ArrowWeb CT is Mathews’ lightest, most compact quiver to date. The CT, which stands for “compact,” features a reduced profile that improves bow balance while shaving excess weight.

At a glance, the first thing you’ll likely notice is the new GridLock hood which parallels the latest technology found in Mathews®’ bow risers. The new ColorShield hood-inserts come in 10 distinct colors and enable shooters to match their quiver color with their other Mathews Genuine Accessories.

The ArrowWeb CT-Series™ Quiver will accommodate expandable or fixed blade broadheads up to 1 1/8 inch.  The redesigned foam insert will keep your blades quiet and in place while the new removable BladeShield™ (included) will keep your edges sharp and fingers safe.

Other noteworthy features include the new Quick Release arrow grip, Spider Claw quiver mount and Harmonic Damper.

The quality and features are most important, obviously, but the 10 distinct colors are what stand out initially. Imagine the red-infused quiver on this Mathews Creed XS.

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Mathews ArrowWeb CT Series Quiver Reviews: These new quivers should start showing up on shelves in early 2014. Review them by commenting here. Until you have one on your bow, feel free to review the features and colors here.

Download this PDF to your computer or tablet today.

Download this PDF to your computer or tablet today.

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