Mathews Solocam Bowhunting Whitetails Magazine Now on Sale!

New from the publishers of Deer & Deer Hunting is our annual Bowhunting Whitetails magazine, sponsored by Mathews Inc. This special issue is jammed full of technical archery information, hunting strategies, news about Mathews’ latest products, new gear and much more.

News From Mathews

  • All About the DXT, plus information about Mathews’ exciting product licensing program.
  • SoloCam Scrapbook — Bow-hunters share their success stories and photos from trips far and wide.
  • Dear Mathews, I Have a Question….Some commonly asked technical questions about Mathews products, with answers to help you set up your bow properly.
  • Introducing Mathews TV, with host Dave Watson.

Plus Deer Behavior and Bow-Hunting Tactics Features!

  • Vanishing Whitetails…If you want to keep seeing deer, you have to learn to change with them throughout the season.
  • The Mythical Nocturnal Buck…Before you declare that a certain buck is unkillable, take stock of all things that could be affecting his behavior.
  • Early-Season Ambushes…Strategies that could help you punch your tag with a heavy-racked giant long before the November rut.
  • And much more!

Look for it on newsstands or order today by calling 800.942.0673.