Maximize Your Success During the Rut to Kill Big Bucks

Finding out if bucks are hitting your mock scrapes is akin to opening presents on Christmas morning, because while you’re confident something you want is under the tree there’s no guarantee.

mockscrapeFor the last few seasons I’ve used Smokey’s Preorbital gland lure on the licking branches of mock scrapes I created on a tract I hunt in Alabama. I hung a game camera nearby and figured maybe something would come in. The trail I did this on has been hit in the past by bucks. I figured it might be a small buck, or bucks, because the scrapes and rubs always were small, but I wanted to see what was there, if anything.

I waited a couple of days and stopped by the property for a quick card-pull when I was running some errands. A quick in-and-out trip. The scrapes were a little bigger. The licking branches were gnawed on. Good signs, no doubt, and then my camera revealed a small buck working the line. He was young and had little forked antlers, but it was cool to see him on the photos.

Check out this video showing bucks attacking scrapes freshened with Smokey’s great lure:

Deer & Deer Hunting Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt also has seen positive results from Smokey’s at his hunting property in Wisconsin.

Smokey’s Preorbital Lure is the secret ingredient to my success this past season, especially when it came to identifying more deer on a given piece of hunting land,” Schmidt said. “The key to this product is it is real, 100 percent preorbital secretions from white-tailed deer. Smokey McNichols is a trapper friend of mine who bottles this lure from real deer. Mock scrapes without this lure are only one-half as effective.”

Smokeys Preorbital

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Some unsolicited testimonials from Deer & Deer Hunting readers:

— “I wasn’t sure about this product but wanted to give it a shot. I saw three different bucks come through my 28-acre property (and) hit the fake licking branch I made that I applied Smokey’s to over my mock scrape. I’ll order it again next year for sure.”

— “I was skeptical about the cost vs benefit. Gotta say the pre-orbital and inter-digital (gland lure) caused some bucks in my hunting area (West Virginia, poor buck/doe ratio – usually minimal rutting sign) to rip the place up. Harvested a 3.5-year-old 7-point. A little goes a long way … I’ll buy it again.”

— “Every time and every place I used it I got results. I have a camera on a mineral lick and used this on a branch in the view of the camera. Bucks started checking it and made a scrape there the first night. I get numerous pics of deer hitting the mineral site but after using this I had more bucks showing up and some were just hitting the scrape and not touching the minerals.”

Check out this fantastic tool to help bring in big bucks to your mock scrapes next season.