Miranda Inspires Hunters to Pursue Deer Hunting’s Ultimate Challenge

Turkey and wild sheep hunters have a Grand Slam, big game hunters have the Super Slam and now whitetail deer hunters have their own slam opportunity: the Whitetail SLAM, inspired by hunting personality Tom Miranda.

The Rut Hunters Cover


In his new book, The Rut Hunters, which is available now, Miranda enlists some famous hunting friends to deliver the definitive hunter’s strategy manual for challenging the coveted Whitetail SLAM.

A hunter with more than 40 years of experience, Miranda began working on the creation of Whitetail SLAM with biologists Dr. James Kroll and Dr. Harry Jacobson. They promote the camaraderie and hunting heritage at the root of a hunting culture while educating hunters on deer in the United States. The Rut Hunters is Miranda’s quintessential recipe for Whitetail SLAM success.

“In whitetail hunting today, the only awards come in the form of world records and monster bucks. Whitetail SLAM is a buck hunting challenge for the everyday hunter,” Miranda said. “We feel that it’s important for hunters to understand the diversity of deer across North America and to look at the positive benefits of traveling the country and hunting the different sub-species of whitetails.”

In addition to essential information about registering any and all of the eight primary sub-groups of whitetail deer in the pursuit of the Whitetail SLAM, The Rut Hunters also includes more than 200 color illustrations to aid hunters in acquiring their bucks, information on the eight recognized territories in North America, and a spotlight of other hunters’ big game accomplishments to motivate readers as they strive for the SLAM.

Readers also will find expert advice from some of Miranda’s high-profile friends including Don Kisky, Eddie Claypool, Melissa Bachman and Stan Potts. No other resource will provide the level of instruction on whitetail species and habitats, planning a hunt, hunt swaps and more, all of which are essential to a successful completion of the Whitetail SLAM. The Rut Hunters is a must-have for any hunting enthusiast looking for a new challenge.

Miranda is a bowhunter, trapper, author, television host and producer. Through his book, Adventure Bowhunter, and award-winning television programming, he has taken audiences with him on exciting expeditions across the world. Miranda has taken more than 60 whitetails on video in addition to the Super SLAM of North American Big Game with archery tackle.

Join Miranda and his famous buck hunting friends as they dive into the who, what, where, when, why and how of hunting the unique whitetail sub-groups of North America.

Get your copy of The Rut Hunters now at this link through shopdeerhunting.com, Amazon and on book stores everywhere.