Modern Blinds More Versatile for Bow, Gun Hunters

More than once on hunts when the weather was terrible, an enclosed blind was a welcome respite to avoid the elements while waiting for a deer to come within range.

Most of those blinds, which some hunters call shooting houses, were designed only for firearms. Trying to shoot a bow or crossbow through a narrow window was questionable at best or impossible. The crossbow, perhaps, could be used but the angles were tricky.

Advantage Hunting Blind Dual Threat.

However, today’s modern blinds have evolved to the point that hunters using firearms, compound bows and crossbows can enjoy them while still having shot opportunities.

Vertical and horizontal windows are common on many of today’s models of hard-sided blinds. The windows, too, are more quiet and lock in place so you don’t have problems with the wind banging them around. Hunters can open specific windows to watch or, if need be, open and lock one if a deer steps out.

The Advantage Hunting Dual Threat Blind is designed this way. It offers 360-degree views and a combination of window designs for any hunting situation.

Some features include:

  • Extra Large Vertical  Bow Windows
  • 7-foot Interior Height Clearance
  • Gasketed, Polycarbonate Folding Windows
  • Gasketed Full-Size Door w/ Keyed Locking Door Handle
  • Rot Proof, Double Wall Polymer Floor (Carpet Optional)
  • Through-Bolt Design w/ Interlocking Corners
  • Weather and Bug Resistant
  • Ground or Elevated
  • Shooting Windows for Bowhunting with 360-degree View
  • Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Shell
  • Trap Door Optional
  • Light Brown Exterior / Black Interior