When the Moment Comes, Can You Make the Shot on a Big Buck?

Gordy Krahn knows that a realistic call can make a difference with a wary buck.

Gordy Krahn knows that a realistic call can make a difference with a wary buck.

Get the tips and tactics you need to hit your mark and follow through so you can be sure you won’t lose your target with the Make the Shot Collection. Prepare for the rut, practice your shot, and learn how to keep track of your whitetail, even after you’ve shot it.

“This is an incredible compilation of resources that’s a must-have for any series whitetail hunter,” said Gordy Krahn, editor of Deer & Deer Hunting. “I can’t think of a more complete collection of top-notch information that covers all aspects of the hunt — from preparation, to the chase to the final outcome — all in one package. If you’re like me, you think about whitetails 24/7, and what better time than during the off-season to bone up on what makes these incredible animals tick?”

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Begin with the Whitetail Behavior DVD, and gather insights into why deer behave the way they do. You’ll need this insider knowledge to learn how to gain the upper hand in real hunting situations, and discover which tactics you can utilize to outsmart the biggest buck of your life.

Once you’ve learned key deer behavior, prepare for the rut with The Best Times and Tactics for the Rut. Learn the basic timetable of the rut, and how to use this timing to your advantage. Gather further techniques and tactics for taking down whitetails during the rut with Deer & Deer Hunting’s Guide to Hunting the Rut. This expansive book not only breaks down the phases of the rut, but also provides helpful rut hunting strategies and more with insight from a wide variety of top hunting experts.

Making the shot isn’t just about getting the deer where you want them – it’s also important to know where to hit the deer and what to do after you’ve shot it. With the Deer & Deer Hunting Shot Simulator, discover how different angles affect the trajectory of your shot, and which organs of the deer will be affected. Once you’ve mastered this anatomy lesson, you can learn how to effectively track your deer with Deer & Deer Hunting’s Blood-Trailing Guide CD. Discover how to narrow down where your deer was hit, how long you should wait before taking up the trail, and much more.

With the Make the Shot Collection, gather tips, techniques, and tactics for every step of hunting the rut. Gain insight into the inner workings of whitetail deer, get an in-depth look at the rut and how to hunt it effectively, and master the art of blood-trailing deer – all with the resources in this exclusive collection!

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