Monster Deer Hunting Ground Blind Big Enough to Live In

Likely out there in Deer Nation some of you hunters have camped out overnight on or near a great deer hunting spot, all the better to be less noisy during a morning entrance to the stand.

Ameristep Bone Collector Man Cave ground blind has an astounding amount of space.

Ameristep Bone Collector Man Cave ground blind has an astounding amount of space.

Perhaps you slept in a shooting house or box blind, or created a ground blind and snuggled in if it wasn’t too cold. Or maybe your entry route was fairly clean and not noisy, so you caught a few winks in the truck and slipped in.

Ameristep’s new Bone Collector Man Cave ground blind is big enough for an overnight stay. Heck, it’s big enough for two or three people to sleep in. If you’re packing in somewhere or have a hankering for an all-nighter to be ready for the morning, this could be the deal.

Check out the press release from Ameristep:

Ameristep has teamed with Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector to design the largest ground blind on the market, the Man Cave, which sports a colossal 72-inch footprint, 88 inches of shooting width and 82 inches of internal height.

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Offering a large enough footprint for at least two hunters, lofty headroom, and the ability to shoot from the standing position, the Man Cave is the prefect solution for those in need of additional space who prefer to shoot standing up, hunt with a companion, or aspiring outdoor videographers requiring a larger blind to accommodate equipment and additional hunting partner(s).

With a floor plan more reminiscent of your living room than blinds of the past, space is no longer a premium with the Man Cave. Deer, predator and turkey hunters now have the freedom to lay out the inside of their blind exactly how they wish without sacrifices due to dimensional constraints.

However, the Man Cave’s enormous size doesn’t equal shortfalls in concealment or portability.  Even with its massive measurements, the Realtree Xtra camouflaged blind’s die-cut edge relief disappears in the timber and is extremely mobile, packing down to slightly larger than a bed roll at 9×60. Thanks to the combination of a lightweight HST Spider Hub support system, weather-resistant Durashell Plus fabric and shoot through mesh, the Man Cave blind weighs only 18 pounds.

Split window openings covered in shoot through mesh and an offset hub system grant a 270-degree field-of-view with ample shooting opportunities. The black Shadow Guard Carbon Enhanced interior conceals and hides game-spooking movement while trapping human odor inside the blind.

MSRP: $249.95

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