More Broadhead Energy and Blood Loss? Yeah, That’s a Good Thing!

Deer hunters may debate forever which broadhead works best or flies straighter or has the most punch, but one thing’s for certain: more energy and blood loss for a quicker, effective kill is a good thing.

Check out the following press release from Rage, and be sure to pick up our huge DDH new gear issue coming this summer:

The radical Hypodermic broadhead instantly upended the bowhunting world as Rage introduced its most lethal broadhead to date last year. Once again, Rage has reset the standard of lethality with the addition of its new super-slim and astonishingly deadly Hypodermic 125-grain broadhead.

Rage Hypodermic 125In its 100-gr. weight, the Rage Hypodermic quickly established itself as the new standard for huge wounds, torrential blood trails and quick kills due to its precision-machined solid-steel ferrule and surgically ground blades with a 2-inch cut. The 125-grain variant sports the same needle-sharp, hide- and bone-punching hybrid tip and wide-cutting blades as the 100-grain original, but it packs the energy that only a little more forward weight can provide.

The new Rage Hypodermic 125-grain was designed in a wind tunnel, and it sports the accuracy of a leading-edge blade with the bone-penetrating performance of a chisel tip. The Hypodermic 125 features surgical-honed .035-inch-thick stainless-steel blades that offer bowhunters a broadhead with unprecedented flight characteristics, penetration and durability. Equipped with the proprietary Shock Collar, the Rage Hypodermic 125 broadhead offers optimum blade retention and consistently reliable deployment at all times.

The new Rage Hypodermic 125 will be available with standard or Deep Six ferrules and will come packaged with a practice tip. They will be available at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

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Pure ground meat with no fat added is the healthiest. Do your own with this affordable grinder from Weston Products.

Pure ground meat with no fat added is the healthiest. Do your own with this affordable grinder from Weston Products.

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