More New 2012 Archery Products

This year’s Archery Trade Association Show in Columbus sure hasn’t disappointed with cool new products for bowhunters. I already covered the new bows and some very cool new scent eliminating clothing, but some of the biggest buzz around the show centered around arrows and broadheads.

Easton Deep SixEaston generated a lot of conversation with their new Injexion arrows which are even, thinner, lighter and stronger than the Axis line. These super thin arrows create even more penetrating power by focusing the energy of the arrow (Easton’s media crew used the analogy of “what would you rather get stepped on by, a hiking boot heel or a stiletto?” The thinner arrows required a new insert system that Easton has dubbed the Deep Six system. Using high density steel, these inserts are stronger, more precise and better threaded than previous inserts. Plus, they provide increased FOC for better flight. Easton calls this Focused Front-of-Center.

Teaming with Easton, two broadhead manufacturers are already offering specially designed Deep Six broadheads that have a boattail design and are equipped to fit the Deep Six insert system: NAP and Muzzy. Of course, both are also offering new heads.

NAP has come out with a 2-blade rear-deploying head with a 2-inch cutting diameter and slaved blades that cannot open independently. Called the Killzone, these heads also feature a spring clip design that locks the blades in place until impact, eliminating O-rings. The Killzone is available in Deep Six and standard models with either a trophy tip or cut-on-contact tip.NAP broadhead

Muzzy also has new heads with the DX-3 Deep Six three-blade head and the new Crosskill head designed just for crossbow hunters.

Not to be outdone, Rage is offering two new heads as well. First, the X-Treme features a 2.3-inch cutting diameter and sweeping blade angle. For dependable blade containment and deployment at all times, the Rage X-Treme has
been designed with with the newly patented Shock Collar. This new design will
ensure the blades will remain in place until impact. The new Rage Chisel Tip head also employs the Shock Collar, plus a specially designed Helix-Cut chisel

Carbon Express also unveiled some new technology with the new CX Precision Nock — four-axis nock. The four-axis design helps to ensure bowstring and shaft alignment, increasing a shot’s precision and performance. The CX Precision Nocks will be available on Carbon Express’ Maxima, Mayhem, Pile Driver, The Crush, Mach 5, Mutiny and Predator II series arrows. Also, Carbon Express announced that the top-of-the-line Maxima arrows will be available in a Mathews Edition with Lost Camo coloration.

Speaking of that, Gold Tip is also offering Lost Camo XT and Expedition Hunter arrows as well as an all new Ted Nugent edition with striking green zebra stripes.

Add it all up, and there are certainly a lot of innovations this year that will make archery ammunition even better for 2012.