More Upgrades for Hunting Trail Cameras, Rangefinders at ATA!

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Stealth Cam integrates its new ZX7 microprocessor into their line of game scouting cameras, creating a new breed of technologically advanced cameras for hunters demanding higher performance, longer run time and more features.

Stealth Cam’s ZX7 processor will be incorporated into their line-up for 2013*. The performance upgrades in the new processor creates faster trigger speeds. Third party test results have consistently performed at sub-second trigger speeds.

With less time available for scouting, many hunters rely heavily on their cameras to aid in this time-intensive activity. Hunters who have experienced the frustration of checking their game cameras only to find the dead batteries will be pleased to learn of the increased image count per battery life. The ZX7 is pushing the envelope with improved energy-efficient circuitry, resulting in up to 20,000 images per set of batteries!

Beyond the fast trigger speeds and efficient battery life, the ZX7 has even more features being offered as part of this new technology, such as 720P High Definition Video with data time code stamping, a great tool for editing footage plus time-lapse hybrid mode giving you virtually three cameras in one complete package: still, video and time-lapse.

With the onset of high-capacity SD memory cards, the external image counter on the ZX7 processor can now display up to 99,999 frames. And programming Stealth Cam’s cameras is easier than ever before as the ZX7 boasts a Quick Set feature with three Preset modes, along with the manual set-up mode, saving frustration as you get your gear into the field.

(*The only Stealth Cam trail camera that will not incorporate the ZX7 Processor is the Core 8.)

Info: Stealth Cam


Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Line

Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry leader in high-performance sports optics for more than 60 years and a market leader in the trail camera industry, has introduced new upgrades to the Trophy Cam HD line for 2013.

Leading the industry with a one-year battery life and superior image clarity, Bushnell has enhanced its 2013 product line with a host of new features including hybrid capture mode, hyper PIR, freeze frame shutter, and an ultra-low flash mode.

Featuring 8 MP image resolution and HD video standard on every unit, the Trophy Cam HD is packed with features to help hunters more effectively monitor game activity around the clock. The new hybrid capture mode allows users to capture both a still image and video each time the camera is triggered, offering hunters a more robust scouting experience. With the new hyper passive infrared sensor (PIR), Bushnell has improved the camera’s detection range, which can now capture game activity at up to 60 feet away.

In addition to the new features, Bushnell packs each Trophy Cam HD with a host of other technologically advanced scouting tools. Introduced in 2012, Field Scan 2x allows users to program two windows of time lapse capture, improving a hunter’s ability to monitor game activity at dawn and dusk. Field Scan technology captures images at preset intervals ranging from one minute to 60 minutes, while simultaneously capturing live trigger images.

In addition to a larger detection range, the PIR can be set to auto so that the sensitivity of the sensor is automatically adjusted according to the ambient temperature, resulting in less false triggers. The Trophy Cam HD also features multi flash mode, allowing users to select the ideal flash setting based on the location of the camera and the typical distance of recorded game. For those users who prefer to record up-close images, the new ultra low flash setting triggers just eight LEDs to reduce the risk of overexposure and conserve battery life.

Thanks to a one-year battery life, incredibly fast trigger speed and a massive 32 GB SD card capacity that can store more than 20,000 images, the Trophy Cam HD is one of the most effective scouting tools on the market.

Available in spring 2013, the Trophy Cam HD will have MSRPs ranging from $199.99 to $329.99.

Info: Bushnell


Bushnell The Truth with ARC

Bushnell Outdoor Products has partnered with Team Primos to introduce The Truth with ARC laser rangefinder.

Compact and precise, The Truth acquires targets out to 850 yards. Designed with Team Primos, The Truth laser rangefinder offers hunters 5-850 yards ranging performance, with distance readings also available in meters.

In bow mode, it features the exclusive Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology, providing the true horizontal, or “shoots-like”, distance from 5-199 yards to help bow hunters select the right pin with confidence. In addition to lightning fast distance measurements, The Truth provides precise measurements, with +/- one-yard accuracy on every distance reading.

Designed with a slim vertical profile and simple one-button operation, The Truth features four power optical magnification. The rainproof unit includes a convenient battery life indicator in the view screen.

The Truth with ARC laser rangefinder from Bushnell will be available in January 2013 for a suggested retail price of $199.99.