New 2011 Climbing Treestands and Hot Hunting Gear

By Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor


Here are six more cool, new products for deer hunters that we saw the recently completed
Archery Trade Show in Indianapolis. More items to be posted tomorrow.

1. Not that they really needed it, but Summit Treestands just got a whole lot
quieter. Stands like the popular Viper, Goliath and Titan now incorporate sound-deadening
material in the platform and climbing sections. The result is a deathly silent climbing
tree stand. If you are not familiar with these stands, they are the ultimate in comfort
and safety.


2. Maxima Blue Streak Select arrow from Carbon Express. These arrows might
set a new standard in hunting arrow performance and accuracy. Available in two models,
the Blue Streak features a new Dual Spine Weight Forward technology that essentially
creates two spines in one arrow. This provides better energy management so the arrow
can recover faster and spin sooner.


3. Alpha MudLite from LaCrosse Boots. Offering superior traction and durability,
the lightweight Alpha Mudlite features LaCrosse Ankle-Fit™ technology for a secure
fit and its rubber-over-neoprene design insulates and stretches for easy on and off.
Built-in antimicrobial lining encourages maximum air circulation.


4. Trijicon AccuPin bow sight. Designed by bow-hunters and target archers,
the AccuPin bow sight is engineered to deliver a level of quality and performance
previously unknown to archers. The heart of the innovative design lies in its triangular
aiming point and clear pin. With zero MOA and zero obstructions, this one-of-a-kind
configuration has an aiming tip that actually points to your target instead of obscuring
it. This entirely new perspective gives archers a new level of confidence by providing
increased visibility, accuracy and dependability, all resulting in precision shot


5. EliminX with SilverZyme Technology from Code Blue. This unscented odor eliminator
has the ability to prevail in extreme temperature swings where enzyme technology alone
cannot sustain its odor-eliminating properties. The ultra-fine mist goes on lightly
and penetrates deeply without leaving you feeling wringing wet.