6 Cool New Accessories Every Deer Hunter Will Appreciate

It is a literal sea of cowboy hats, boots and camouflage clothing as we head into the convention center this morning for Day 3 of the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas.

I spent a good part of today in the lower level exhibit areas. This is often an overlooked area of the convention center, but not this year. It was difficult to even move through the aisles, as folks crammed the center to get the first peeks at this year’s new products.

Here’s a sample of the innovative accessories for deer hunters that I got to see up close and personal this morning.


Hang all of your deer the easy way with the new Bucksnort hoist.

The Bucksnort Game Hoist and Feeder Hanger from Do-All Outdoors. This simple-to-setup hoist makes raising and lowering deer and feeders easier than ever. Simply secure the hoist to a pole or tree, and crank up your deer for easy skinning and field-dressing. The hoist can lift up to 500 pounds and includes more than 26 feet of wire cable. For more information, visit www.doalloutdoors.com.


Crooked Horn Outfitters built this pack for rugged, on-the-go bowhunters.

The Trailblazer II pack from Crooked Horn Outfitters. This run-and-gun pack will keep you light on your feet and still allow you to carry everything you need. It features heavy-duty padded waist belt and shoulder straps, and a built-in bow pouch that allows hands-free convenience. A rainflap has storage pockets for tags, wallet, keys, etc. A sternum strap helps distribute the pack’s weight evenly across your body. For more information, visit www.crookedhorn.com.


Dish out the assignments; this knife will handle all of them ... and retain a sharp edge while doing so.

The Seber folding knife. Ratchet Locking Systems have been around for decades. It is a proven locking system that is trusted, tried and true primarily in socket wrenches. Seber has incorporated this ratcheting gear-and-pawl system into the first “switchable” folding locking knife to lock open, closed, and lock at any angle. No other folding locking knife allows you to lock the blade in so many positions. This feature allows you to set the blade angle at the optimum cutting angle while allowing your wrists to be parallel to your cutting surface allowing more power to be applied. Very cool knife that any deer hunter could appreciate. Affordable, too. It retails for just $49.99. For more information, visit www.seberdesigngroup.com


Streamlight designed the Knucklehead for first responders. I think it will be adopted by hunters as a blood-trailing workhorse.

The Knucklehead flashlight from Streamlight. Billed as an LED work light, I can immediately see how this light could be the ideal tool for blood-trailing tasks. With an innovative 360-degree rotating head, an alligator clip and a powerful magnet, the Knucklehead gives users a variety of ways to target bright white light. This isn’t the only new light that Streamlight unveiled this year, but it is one of the most versatile. To see the entire lineup, visit www.streamlight.com.


Ready to fill the freezer with venison? Lock in freshness with the new GameSaver vac system.

The new GameSaver vacuum sealing system. FoodSaver unveils four new models, and they are all heavy-duty units built for serious work. There’s nothing more satisfying than putting your own venison into the freezer, and these new sealing systems allow you to lock in freshness and enjoy it months later. The new G300 unit is decked out in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo. It can handle the newer 15-inch bags, and features rubberized buttons for better dexterity. A removable tray catches overflow, allowing for easier cleaning. For more information, visit www.foodsaver.com.

Display your European mounts in style with the SkullHooker bracket.

The SkullHooker Euro-mounting system. SkullHooker is the world’s first professionally finished and fully adjustable European skull bracket. These stylish brackets are powder-coated with two colors to choose from and are fully adjustable (up and down) to accommodate different species’ horns or antlers and more importantly providing a natural upright look. The SkullHooker arm can swing both right and left taking advantage of all areas of a room. For more info, including ordering links, visit www.skullhooker.com.

Before heading back out to the show, I thought I would share this exciting news on slug guns…


The tack-driving DeerSlayer III is the latest in slug-gun improvements from Ithaca Gun Co.

One of America’s most trusted names in deer guns is back! With a new version of its all-time great shotgun, Ithaca unveils the Deerslayer III. This gun features a receiver that is machined from a solid block of steel, and a solderless barrel system that is billed to be the strongest barrel ever built into a slug gun. The trigger is a crisp 4-6 pounds, and the stock is fancy black walnut. This slug gun is capable of printing 4-inch groups at 200 yards. For more information, visit www.ithacagun.com.