Live from SHOT 2014: New Deer Hunting Ammo for 2014

Whether you’re a slug-gun hunter or a rifle shooter, there is plenty of improvement across the board in new deer hunting ammo for 2014. Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll see on store shelves this year.

Federal Premium TruBall 3 inch SlugFederal Premium 10mm Auto, TruBall Slug

Slug hunters wanting devastating knockdown power and accuracy at distance should take a look at the Federal Premium TruBall Slug, available now in 3-inch loads for 12- and 20-gauge shotguns.

The TruBall is designed for smoothbore barrels with a plastic ball that is encased between the wad and rear of the slug. The ball serves as a ballast of sorts as the slug moves down the barrel, then separates as the exit the muzzle. The slug flies on true to the target. The new versions will have a 3/4-ounce slug for the 20-gauge load and a 1-ounce slug for the 12-gauge.

Handgun hunters will find a new option for shots within 100 yards with Federal Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded 10mm Auto. It features a 180-grain soft-point bullet designed for hunting with a heavy jacket and engineering for deep penetration.

Hornady Custom Lite Rifle AmmunitionHornady Custom Lite

Hornady Custom Lite ammunition for rifles and shotgun slug hunters will offer reduced recoil without any dropoff in accuracy or knockdown power.

Custom Lite is available in eight popular rifle cartridges: .243 Win, .270, 7mm-08 Rem, 7mm-08 Rem Mag, .30-30, .308, .30-06 and .300 Win Mag. Loaded with either the Hornady SST or Interlock RN bullet, Custom Lite ammo is engineered so you don’t feel as much recoil. It’s great for kids and women, but don’t be a burly man who thinks these reduced recoil loads don’t work on big game. They do.

Hornady Custom Lite Slugs

Custom Lite Shotgun Slugs in 20– and 12-gauge rifled barrel slugs also provide reduced felt recoil while maintaining accuracy. Hornady claims a 25- to 40-percent reduction compared to standard loads.

Also new are the 12-gauge American Whitetail Slugs designed for fully rifled barrels, featuring a 325-grain Hornady InterLock bullet. It’s a hollow point with a serrated design that expands greatly upon impact yet retains weight to deliver devastating energy.

Remington Hypersonic Core Lokt BulletsRemington Hypersonic

New this year to the Remington Hypersonic lineup are the 160-grain 7mm Rem. and 180-grain .308 Win. featuring Core Lokt bonded bullets and performance powder for high speeds, flat trajectories and improved accuracy.

If you have hog problems on your property or deer lease, Remington’s Hog Hammer centerfire ammo features Barnes TXS bullets, nickel-plated cases and great performance. Coming later this year are additions including 85-grain .243 Win., 140-grain .270 Win., 180-grain .300 Win. Mag, a 250-grain .338 Win Mag and a monster 300-grain for the .45-70 Govt.

CCI Suppressor 22 LRCCI/Speer Suppressor .22 LR

The crack of a .22 rifle isn’t terribly loud, but with CCI/Speer’s new Suppressor .22 Long Rifle ammo you’ll be even more quiet. It’s designed for suppressed firearms and claims a subsonic 970 fps speed with its 45-grain bullet. It also will work with non-suppressed firearms but with a smidge higher sound level.

Check back later for more from the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.