New DVDs for the Off-Season

For 20 years, Mark and Terry Drury have been flagship innovators in the world of outdoor TV production, and the May 12, 2009 release of Whitetail Madness 12, Dream Season 12 and Volume 9 of the 100% Wild Fair Chase series, will serve as the ultimate celebration of the ground-breaking style and deer hunting tactics that have kept Drury Outdoors on top for two decades. All together, it’s over 7 ½-hours of giant whitetail kills and encounters, with more inches of antler and more reasons to watch than ever before.  

Whitetail Madness 12 catalogs a year of big-buck fanaticism from shed hunting in March to the blowing snow of the late muzzleloader season. Of the 18 kills by bow, gun and muzzleloader, 7 score over an astounding 160”. Dream Season® 12 continues Team Drury’s redefinition of the American dream – sharing the hunt with family. Bonds are reinforced and plenty of huge bucks hit the turf in this year’s edition. Here’s Your Sign, Volume 9 in the 100% Wild Fair Chase® series is a how-to on closing the deal using deer sign full of heart-thumping big-deer waylays.

“Twenty years ago, Terry and I set out to capture the heart and soul of our sport in a way that’s never been done. It started with a motto ‘Our Videos Are Different,’ and we’ve remained dedicated to on-screen innovation ever since. How can we make this more relevant to our audience? What do American deer hunters want to see? We’re positive our Platinum Anniversary whitetail titles are more than they could’ve asked for,” said Mark Drury.

The three new 20th Year Platinum Edition DVDs hit shelves everywhere May 12 to commemorate Drury Outdoors’ platinum anniversary. If you’re a deer hunter, you’ll agree it was worth the two decades’ wait.

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