New Gear: LaCrosse AeroHead Boot

LaCrosse has introduced the AeroHead, a category-changing boot built with patent-pending AeroForm technology, a revolutionary new construction that offers an extremely comfortable fit, with the ultimate in flexibility and durability all in a lightweight form.

“AeroForm is truly a ground-breaking technology. When you step in the AeroHead, you will feel the comfort and flexibility of a running shoe, but will have durability that surpasses others in the industry” said Justin Behnke, Senior Hunt Product Line Manager for LaCrosse. “We’ve tested this boot above and beyond what is required and the results have far exceeded our expectations and the industry standards for rubber hunting product. We couldn’t be more excited to bring this to market.”

The AeroHead will be available spring 2013.

LaCrosse AeroHead 7.0

LaCrosse AeroHead 7.0

In 1957, LaCrosse pioneered hunting footwear with the Grange, which established rubber as the best scent free, 100 percent waterproof hunting boot solution. The Grange became an iconic boot with a loyal following that continues to this day. A number of years later, LaCrosse revolutionized the footwear market with Alpha Technology, advancing hunting boots with a unique hybrid construction of rubber-over-neoprene. Weight was reduced; fit and performance were improved. Today, LaCrosse presents AeroForm technology, once again setting a new standard for not one but all critical elements of a hunting boot – comfort, fit, durability and weight.

Comfort Redefined, Durability Reinvented

AeroForm technology is the revolutionary liquid polyurethane-over-neoprene construction used to build the AeroHead. The construction starts with a flexible and insulating neoprene sock, which provides comfort around the foot. Using LaCrosse’s Armor Weld process, a liquid rubber seal is applied to the back seam of the sock, adding durability and allowing the flexibility needed to easily slide the boot on and off. In the last step, a liquid polyurethane is injected into a mold around the sock, forming a highly durable, lightweight and insulating shell completely around the foot and up the shin of the boot.

Inside the mold, a thick layer of polyurethane forms between the neoprene and the outsole, joining the rubber outsole to the boot and creating a supportive platform that offers cushion and comfort underfoot. This innovative process produces a seamless exterior, ensuring that a boot constructed with AeroForm technology is built to last.

AeroHead 3.5 RT XTG

AeroHead 3.5 RT XTG

In addition to AeroForm technology, the AeroHead incorporates a number of other beneficial features. LaCrosse’s Ankle Fit technology ensures a secure fit on foot, the integrated shank under the arch of the foot provides the ultimate support while climbing in and out of tree stands and the adjustable back gusset allows for a personalized fit.  LaCrosse Brush Tuff bi-directional material on the upper provides abrasion resistance, which combined with the patent-pending shin guard design, provides protection against brush and briars.

The AeroHead is available with 3.5mm in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity or Realtree Xtra Green, and with 7mm neoprene in Mossy Oak Bottomland or Realtree Xtra.  Whether it is for spring turkey hunting, early season bowhunting or setting out in the cold during late season, there is an AeroHead fit to perform in the field.

AeroHead boots will be available in spring 2013 with a suggested retail price ranging from $130-$140. Sizing include men’s 5-15, whole sizes only.