New Guns for 2011, Ground Blinds & More

By Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor

Just returned from Las Vegas, where once again the hunting industry’s movers and shakers
revealed their best new products. The SHOT Show has grown by leaps and bounds over
the years. This year’s event was one of the most upbeat I’ve experienced in all of
the years we’ve been attending the show.

For the next week or so, I’ll reveal some of the most impressive products that we
learned about at this year’s show. There’s literally something for everyone – whether
you’re a one-week deer hunter, or a year-round fanatic. From tree stands to handguns,
this year’s new product introductions will impress. Also be sure to pick up your copy
of the June issue of D&DH , which goes on sale at newsstands beginning March
19. In that issue, we’ll reveal the Top 50 Deer Hunting Products for 2011 .

In the meantime, here is a sneak peak at some of the really cool stuff we saw at SHOT.
This will be updated daily throughout next week.

1. Leupold RCX trail camera system . This camera is packed with features that
solve many of the common problems associated with a lot of the cameras currently on
the market. A 54-degree capture feature allows the camera to acquire more photos from
a wider field of view. Also, a remote downloading unit allows you to plug in quickly
and download all the photos without having to carry in extra memory cards. It takes
scouting to a whole new level.

2. A-Bolt Shotgun Hunter from Browning . Of all the new items revealed at
the 2011 SHOT Show, this one impressed me the most. This is actually a “re-introduction”
of the most accurate factory slug gun ever built. Browning introduced the A-Bolt in
the 1990s and had a successful run with it. The company discontinued the model after
seeing modest sales. I tried buying one of those original guns on the used market
several years ago, but they really held their value. This gives me all the more reason
to get a new one this time around. This gun is built the way you’d want a slug gun.
Top-tang safety; 3-inch chamber and a silky-smooth 60-degree bolt lift. It doesn’t
come cheaply (retails for more than $1,000), but it will literally shoot the lights
out with its tack-driving accuracy.