New Members of the D&DH Facebook Field Tester Team

 And the winners are…Zeon Fusion Vanes

Steve Bertram
Christopher Miller
Cecil Adkins
Adam Hickman

We will be holding regular giveaways on our Facebook page. All you have to do is "like" the post! Our Facebook page is housed at www.facebook/deerhuntingmag.

Today’s winners will each receive Zeon Fusion Vanes from Norway Industries, an arrow component manufacturer with over a half-century of experience and innovation.

Zeon Fusion Vanes have broken the rules for archers seeking highly visible arrow flight without sacrificing performance. The high profile 2.1-inch vanes combine a ribbed design for unmatched control with a traditional shield cut that minimizes wind resistance. Available in four ultra-bright colors, the Zeon vanes eliminate the deficiencies of heavy lighted nocks. The vanes are legal in all 50 states, legal for entry into Pope & Young Club records and extremely lightweight at only 7 grains each. To see more about the Zeon Fusion Vanes CLICK HERE.