New Mobile Charging Solution Keeps You Powered

The Optimus 20400 keeps your electronics powered so you won't be left in the dark.

The Optimus 20400 keeps your electronics powered so you won’t be left in the dark.

One problem deer hunters have when they’re in the woods is a dead cell phone, often because the phone is searching for a signal and draining battery power in the process.

Then, when you need to call someone to help you come track a deer or lend a hand getting out of a mud hole, you’re stuck. No phone, no power, no help. That won’t be a problem with the new Optimus 20400 portable charger from ibattz, however. Check out the press release about this cool device:

Ibattz LLC, the global leader in battery cases and intelligent charging solutions, announces its new line of waterproof, touch-ID capable battery cases and universal battery packs for mobile devices.  

Adding to the Refuel family of charging cases, ibattz introduces three new cases, the Mojo Refuel Alpha, the Mojo Refuel Armor S and the Mojo Refuel Aqua S. All three removable battery cases utilize a widely available i9300 2200mAh interchangeable battery module and are designed to support the new touch ID capabilities of the iPhone 5s. The Refuel Alpha and Refuel Aqua S cases also meet all IP68 standards.

Optimus 20400_441_hrThe most versatile of the group, Mojo Refuel Alpha, is the world’s first rugged and fully waterproof battery case that provides extreme protection from the elements. With its exo-skeletal design, the Mojo Refuel Armor S is designed to protect the iPhone 5/5s from hard drops, water, dust and everyday use while the Mojo Refuel Aqua S guarantees full protection for the iPhone 5/5s underwater up to 10 feet deep. All three cases include a silver trim bumper that allows for users to convert to a regular battery case when the protective features are not needed.

The Mojo Refuel Alpha will be available for $149.95, the Mojo Refuel Aqua S for $119.95 and the Mojo Refuel Armor S for $89.95 on

Portable Battery Packs:
Ibattz also adds four new on-the-go battery packs to its Mojo BattStation line, including the Mojo BattStation PowerDrive 7800, a 7800 mAh portable charger and 8gb flash storage unit for iPhones. Users can easily access any media files while using the PowerDrive as a charger, as it features dual USB ports for simultaneous use. Using the free PowerDrive iOS app the new battery pack also enables high-speed file transfer between an iOS device and the PowerDrive.

The Mojo BattStation Aqua Power Pack 7000 and 9000 are compact, waterproof USB chargers for mobile devices. The Power Pack 7000 is constructed of a Lithium Polymer battery cell and only ½ inch thick. The 7000mAh battery provides three full charges to smartphones before needing to be recharged and features a single 2.4A high-powered USB port. The Power Pack 9000 features a single 2.1A USB port that allows for quick charging, is only one inch thick, and utilizes a 9000mAh battery, providing up to three and half full charges to smartphones. The Power Pack 9000 will be available for $79.95, the Power Pack 7000 for $69.95 and the PowerDrive 7800 for $139.95 on

The Mojo BattStation Optimus utilizes a 20400mAh high-capacity battery, the same Panasonic cell that powers electric cars, providing eight full smartphone charges in its compact shell. It features a 2.1A and 1A USB port, which allows for the simultaneous charging of two devices and features an emergency LED flashlight. Mojo BattStation Optimus will be available for $129.95 on 

“Our new models of charging cases not only cater to our customers who want to enjoy the new touch ID function, but also those who need extreme protection for their devices in addition to extra battery power,” said Stewart Zimmerman, Vice President of Sales and Operations for ibattz.”Our portable battery packs are designed for the user who not only requires battery power on the go, but also a charger that can withstand above average wear and tear.”

About ibattz:
ibattz creates products through innovative design to enhance the mobile lifestyle that is essential to our lives. With over 10 years of R&D experience, industrial design and manufacturing of battery technology, ibattz aims to uphold the performance and reliability of all ibattz products. Since releasing the first battery case in 2011, ibattz has consistently received the ‘highly recommended’ award from iLounge, a nationally recognized technology website. Founded in 2010, ibattz is headquartered in the United States.


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