New Product: ChowPal May Become Your Favorite Multitool

Whether your multitool is designed to tighten screws or prep an in-field meal, having one that will do the job and last for years is important.

In my truck are several “just in case” items that I try to keep with me for my travels, with some designed for warm or cold weather and others for anytime use.

Winter? I’ll have a change of clothing, socks, gloves and a toque or three, along with my Sitka neck gaiter. It’s an indispensable piece of gear I don’t hunt or travel without when the weather turns cold. Combine it with a Fanatic hoodie or other layering system and I’m warm as can be.

Summer? Snake boots, of course, along with insect repellent and a few extra shirts. The constant stuff includes jumper cables, zip ties, tools, a can of Fix-a-Flat for a pinch, and a few other things.

I also usually some plastic eating utensils we get from takeout orders. Fishing out sardines from the can to eat with my crackers is OK with my fingers, but a fork makes it easier. Plastic utensils are lightweight and inexpensive but they suck at durability and longevity.

That’s why the Outdoor Edge ChowPal will be joining my truck box and backpack. Outdoor Edge has a long history of creating good, reliable tools for hunters and campers. This ingenious 3-in-1 eating utensil β€” actually, more than that with the different openers and other uses β€” definitely will come in handy when I need to crack a tin of sardines or pop a cold one celebrating a buck on the ground.

Outdoor Edge ChowPal is an “all in one” utility tool with knife, spoon and fork.

Here’s the scoop from Outdoor Edge about ChowPal:

Outdoor Edge, the company that combines functional design with the finest materials and hand craftsmanship to create high-quality knives and tools, has introduced the new ChowPal, an innovative new approach to outdoor eating utensils that incorporates multi-tool functionality.

This new all-in-one utensil set/multi-tool adds a can opener, a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver and a wrench set to the nested fork and folding knife/spoon that lock together but quickly and easily slide apart when you are ready to chow down.

Crafted of 420J2 stainless steel for increased strength and durability, the two-piece ChowPal set is lightweight and portable at 2.4 oz. and measures 6.5 inches long. The knife/spoon utensil features a locking, single-bevel knife blade that folds flat against the spoon, while the fork features a graduated wrench in 8, 10, 11 and 13mm, a can opener, bottle opener and screwdriver. The ChowPal includes its own easy-to-find orange nylon carry pouch, so you can bring it with you on any camping, fishing, backpacking or outdoor adventure.

It’s time to upgrade from the standard three-function utensil kit and forget all the extra tools you have to pack. Just bring the practical, durable ChowPal to lighten your load and enhance your outdoor experience.

The new ChowPal will be available at the beginning of 2018 at retailers nationwide or conveniently online at for a suggested retail price of $27.50.