New Gear for 2009

Mossberg introduces the Lightning Bolt Action Trigger System for its centerfire bolt action rifles – enhancing performance and accuracy. With its distinctive skeletonized lightning bolt trigger blade, the LBA Trigger System offers the best in form and functionality, giving the shooter the flexibility to adjust the trigger pull without a gunsmith. A simple twist of a standard screwdriver enables the LBA trigger to adjust from 2 to 7 pounds. The sear engagement offers a crisp, creep-free trigger for better accuracy, plus the LBA trigger blade blocks the sear from releasing the striker unless the blade is fully depressed, even at the lightest adjustment setting. Contact Mossberg at (203) 230-5300, or visit Mossberg introduces the Lightning Bolt Action Trigger System 
 The Carbonator Blind from Ameristep The Carbonator Blind, from Ameristep, features a carbon enhanced, scent-blocking laminated interior. It also features a heavy-duty, hub-style design for durable, fast and easy setup. Cutting edge NS3 Micro-Tech fabric creates a comfortable and quiet hunting experience by eliminating shine and all excess noise with its dull fleece finish. The blind will not fade and will last longer thanks to a UV-protected micro-fiber shell. The blind measures  74 inches hub-to-hub, and weighs just 20 pounds. Contact Ameristep at (810) 686-4035, or visit
Leupold’s first-ever open-bridge line of binoculars, the Green Ring Mojave, is available in 8x42mm and 10x42mm models. The Mojave’s open-bridge design drastically  reduces the binoculars’ weight — to a mere 23 ounces.  The design also improves the ergonomics of the binoculars, making them comfortable and easy to hold during extended use. Mojave binoculars also feature multi-coated optics for a bright sight picture with the contrast and color fidelity needed to make positive identifications.  Additionally, the silver-enhanced, cold-mirror coatings provide exceptional performance in low-light situations. Contact Leupold at (800)-538-7653, or visit  Leupold's first-ever open-bridge line of binoculars, the Green Ring Mojave
 Dead Down Wind introduces PAC-IT, a three-pack of highly concentrated Scent Prevent Field Spray Dead Down Wind introduces PAC-IT, a three-pack of highly concentrated ScentPrevent Field Spray. Simply mix one packet with water to produce 36 ounces of effective scent prevention and elimination spray.  PAC-IT is designed especially for travelers and pack in hunters when minimizing weight and space is critical.  Contact Dead Down Wind at   (888) 486-8339, or visit
The Victory Diarange laser range-finder riflescope, from Carl Zeiss, is now available in a 2.5-10×50 model for hunters who do not want the 56mm objective lens available in the original model. The scope delivers excellent optical performance and mechanical sturdiness, with the precise range to the target at the push of a button. The ease of use makes it possible to react quickly with the weapon in a firing position. Contact Zeiss at  The Victory Diarange laser range-finder riflescope from Carl Zeiss

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