No Buts About It … a Little Comfort Goes a Long Way

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the most comfortable ground blind chairs on the market. It’s perfect for both gun- and bowhunting, and it provides all-day comfort. For more of this year’s hottest new products, be sure to refer to the June issue of Deer & Deer Hunting.

by Alan Clemons

Over the years I’ve come to enjoy the benefits of ground blinds, especially those that are well-situated and camouflaged perfectly to blend into the background.

Ground blinds have pros and cons. Among the latter is the lack of height in a tree to see better through the woods or possibly, but not always, be undetected with a deer nearby. Pros are more comfort, easy ability to move if the wind shifts or something changes, multiple setups, and you can buy mass-production blinds or make your own with a little work.

Millennium Turkey StandsOne of the cons I’ve discovered, especially with a makeshift ground blind, is my butt starts hurting before too long. I try to clear out rocks and sticks, but eventually it becomes, well, a pain in the butt.

Millenium Treestands has an answer for this problem. It’s a chair for turkey hunters but I can see where deer hunters would be able to use it, too. Check out the press release:

Motionless waiting is vital to turkey hunting success, but you never know when that big tom is going to appear. After hours of sitting, remaining still becomes almost impossible if you’re not comfortable. That’s why Millennium Treestands designed its chairs and seats for ultimate comfort.

Thanks to the exclusive, patented comfortMAX contoured tight sling seat, the new Millennium G100 blind chair is as comfortable as they come. Situated on a tripod base made out of aircraft aluminum, the 7.5 pound G100 is portable and easy to carry, which makes it ideal for the turkey hunter.

Featuring a 360 degree swivel, the adjustable G100 is ideal for hunting from a blind or on the ground. This versatile chair features adjustable legs for uneven ground and quickly packs up for transport. The G100 comes pre-drilled for the G101 Shooting Stick Mount.

MSRP: $199.95, available Summer 2014

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