Stop That Itch: New Product Offers FAST Relief

Go ahead, scout.

Don’t let posion ivy or burning metal stop you.

Summer is a critical time for whitetails as they develop their head gear and enter predictable bachelor group patterns. Successful deer hunters know this and spend much time in the woods and fields studying deer activity.

Scouting isn’t an option: it’s required for serious whitetail students.

That’s why we’re so excited about OutdoorsMD — a new product from Skin Aid, LLC, a health and beauty company based in northern California.

OutdoorsMD™ is a powerful spray containing Amino-Plex, a formula used for over a decade by leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists worldwide, which has been shown to help rebuild skin cells, aiding the body in its natural healing process.The Amino-Plex® formula has undergone clinical trials and studies in the medical arena and the results have been published in major dermatology & plastic surgery journals.

The product has been proven to help provide relief from pain and itching associated with bug bites, scrapes, cuts, minor burns, blisters and abrasions, poison oak, poison ivy and sunburn — all issues affecting deer hunters who spend their summers scouting.

The OutdoorsMD™ difference is that it aids in the body’s natural healing process, resulting in both relief and faster recovery from these irritations.

This unique formula — featuring the innovative Amino-Plex® — contains amino acids, trace minerals, electrolytes, nucleosides and nucleotides (the building blocks of RNA and DNA). “This remarkable product has made such a difference in so many peoples’ lives in the medical community,” said Co-Founder, Neal Andrews. “I had always wanted to bring the power of Amino-Plex® to the consumer market because I recognized a desperate need. Being a life-long hunter I have been affected by poison oak, countless bug bites, cuts, scrapes, and sunburns myself. Fortunately, I always had Amino-plex® nearby. I just spray a little bit on and feel immediate relief. Plus, my skin seems to heal with lightning speed."

Outdoors MD™ is sold in one ounce bottles that contain over two hundred applications. It will be available at fine retailers and sporting good stores nationwide.

About OutdoorsMD™

Outdoors MD™ is a subsidiary of Skin Aid, LLC, a health and beauty company founded by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the skin care industry. Because of our passion for the outdoors, we recognized a need to bring Amino-Plex® to the consumer market, in the form of OutdoorsMD™. To learn about the science behind OutdoorsMD™, visit our website at More exciting products are under development by Skin Aid, including sunburn, pet, and home first-aid solutions.

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