Ozonics Expands Scent-Elimination Gear Lineup


The New Ozonics HR-230 offers deer hunters an entry-level unit that provides both passive and active scent control.

Ozonics®, the founders and leaders of harnessing the power of ozone and oxidation technology through active scent control while afield, is pleased to introduce the new HR-230 scent-elimination device to the HR lineup for the 2018 season.

The HR-230 will be the newest addition to the HR series, replacing the time-tested HR-200 model. The New HR-230 boasts a redesigned keypad with simplified icons for an improved end user experience. In addition, the DriWash mode “PULSE” technology has been integrated into the HR-230, making this unit compatible with the Ozonics DRIWASH Bag. Now this Ozonics entry level model provides both active and passive scent control capabilities in-line with the flagship, HR-300 model. The HR-230 features an environment blending coyote brown outer shell and comes standard with the integrated EZ-mount technology for quick and silent mounting.

Like all current and past Ozonics units, the HR-230 features silent on/off operation at the touch of a button. Beyond the new addition of “DRIWASH” Mode, the HR-230 has two levels of ozone output for blind hunting and treestand hunting. Ozonics users know these settings as Standard Mode and Boost mode. The unit has built-in green utility lights to illuminate for easy operation without alerting nearby game. As with all Ozonics HR units, a battery indicator shows current battery life left based on mode usage.

The HR230 will be available only at http://ozonicshunting.com/.