Plan Now for Your Best Warm-Season Food Plots

Most hunters who think of food plots think of deer hunting on or near cool-season plots in the fall.  But warm season plots – those with plants that provide high protein and nutrients in the spring and summer – are vitally important to game animals.

The Firminator's 3-in-1 system lets you turn soil, apply seed and fertilizer, and then cutlipack all in one pass.

The Firminator’s 3-in-1 system lets you turn soil, apply seed and fertilizer, and then cutlipack all in one pass.

That’s because animals like deer are nursing their young, which increases the nutritional demands of does significantly. Bucks are growing antlers and putting on weight for the fall. Freshly weaned young deer are rapidly gaining weight as they grow. Young turkeys are doubling their weight and need not only plant food, but the insects that live in and around openings like food plots.

Early spring – right now – is the time to start planning your warm-season plantings, and The Firminator is the equipment that makes the prep and planting of those plots fun, easy, fast and economical.

The Firminator combines a heavy-duty disc harrow, a true agricultural-grade cultipacker and a precision ground-drive seed system in one unit that you can pull behind an ATV or a tractor. It’s a simple all-in-one system that discs the ground, puts the seeds in at the depth you choose, and then packs the ground to assure good seed-to-soil contact. It’s everything you need to put in a food plot.

The heavy-duty discs can easily be adjusted to more or less aggressive angles, depending on the condition of the ground. The discs on The Firminator are also set at 6-inch intervals, rather than the 7 1/2-inch spacing that is standard on most competitor’s discs. That means The Firminator provides more cutting surface to break up the soil, and that means you don’t need another machine to prep the ground before using the Firminator. The Firminator can be used to do everything from breaking the ground to planting seeds to sealing the planted soil.

The Firminator’s Accu-Seed system is also flexible and economical. Standard warm-season planting choices include soybeans, cowpeas, Lab Lab, jointvetch, and, though not technically a warm-season crop, corn. The seed size of these plants varies considerably, but the The Accu-Seed system handles them all. It has a simple  and quick system for adjusting to whatever seed you are planting.

Another feature of the Firminator and the AccuSeed system is both are hassle-free and economical: the system is ground driven, which means that seed distribution is based on the speed you are traveling. You get uniform distribution even if your ATV or tractor’s speed varies in the field. And when you stop, the seed stops coming out.

This year, resolve to have a better hunting season by putting in food plots. Make it easy on yourself by using a Firminator.