Pro Picks – A Working Man’s Tar-Hunt?

Looking for quite possibly the most accurate factory slug gun at a working
man’s price? Then you should check out the brand new Model 870 Super Slug
from Remington. I just returned from a hunt in Alabama where I had the
opportunity to shoot this new slug gun. Initial reaction: impressive.

For year’s custom-built Tar-Hunt slug guns have been noted as being the most
accurate money could buy, and custom pump guns from that company have been
built on the 870 frame.

This year, Remington unveils the Super Slug, which features rifle-like
accuracy out to 200 yards with some loads. The key is in the gun’s design
and its Ultragon barrel. This barrel features six oval-shaped lands and
grooves for enhanced accuracy. The extra-heavy barrel is 40 percent larger
than standard, and it features a 1-in-35-inch twist for excellent bullet

Rubber overmolded grip panels and a thumbhole stock enhance the shooting

The 870 Super Slug shoots sub-moa groups at 100 yards with Remington’s
Accu-Tip slugs. However, I believe this slug might just shoot the lights out
with CopperSolids as well. I plan to do some more testing this spring when
factory guns become available.